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  1. Abetment quesiton in LLB part 1 for Punjab University Lahore students 2011-2012
  2. Consent, Compulsion Or Necessity As Defence
  3. Define defamation what are the exception to the charge of defamation
  4. What is Diffrence Between Hadd And Tazir in PPC (Pakistan) ISLAM
  5. Define Drinking When it is liable to Tazir under the prohibition ordinance
  6. Define crime and discuss in detail , Mens Rea, and Actus Reus, as elements of crime
  7. Explain Harabah liable to hadd? What proof is needed to prove this offence
  8. what are the kinds and punishment of hurt provided under P.P.C
  9. Define and differentiate between Kidnapping and abduction
  10. What are different kinds of punishments provided under P.P.C
  11. How criminal liability is measured to determine appropriate punishment
  12. Write a detail note on principle vicarious liability
  13. Define and fully explain the difference between qatl-i-khata and qatl-dis-sabab
  14. Define and Q. Define Diyat. How is it valued and paid and how is it disbursed
  15. Distinguish between rioting and affray What Punishment is Provided for this offence
  16. Define and explain Robbery, Dacoity and extortion
  17. what are Restriction imposed upon the use of force in self defence
  18. Discuss the law relating to strict liability which excludes mensrea in criminal case
  19. Explain the difference between substantive law and law of procedure
  20. Define and distinguish between theft and criminal breach of trust
  21. Define and distinguish between theft and extortion?
  22. Define theft and explain when it is liable to hadd? What proof is required for it
  23. what is negligence ? What are its different theories
  24. Define trespass what punishment is provided for this offences
  25. Define unlawful assembly. When it becomes riot
  26. defince Zina-bil-jaber and state the punishment provided for it in the offence of Zin
  27. Define criminal justice? What are different theories of punishment
  28. Define criminal conspiracy discuss its kinds and distinguish it from abetment
  29. Define and explain common intention and common object. Is there any difference betwe
  30. Downloadin problem
  31. qatl-e-amd