View Full Version : Contract Act 1872

  1. Appropriation of payment appropriation of payment made by a debtor to the creditor
  2. Capacity of parties What do you understand by capacity to contract.
  3. Define consideration, when consideration or object of an agreement unlawful.
  4. What is contract of bailment. Explain fully the rights and duties of the bailee
  5. What is contingent contract? Is it enforceable by law? If so under what circumstances
  6. What is the legal status of a contract entered into by minor?Is it enforceable by law
  7. define contract of agency. How is it revoked?
  8. Define a contract of indemnity and what are the rights of indemnity holder when sued
  9. What is meant by pledge and state the rights and duties of pownor and pawnee
  10. When and under what circumstance contract duly entered into need not be performed
  11. Describe the various modes in which a contract may be discharged
  12. What are the essentials of a valid contract? Discuss them briefly
  13. What is fraud? What is the suggestion of a fact not fraud but a misrepresentation
  14. What is consent and free consent. When consent said to be free
  15. What is misrepresentation? What is its effect on the contract.
  16. What is the effect of a mistake upon a contract
  17. Who are the persons by whom contract may or must be performed
  18. the rules under which the court determine the award of damages for breach of contract
  19. Explain the rights and responsibilities of the finder of goods
  20. What is contract of bailment when and how can it be revoked
  21. Discuss in detail rights and duties of an agent
  22. What is undue influence what is its legal effect on a contract
  23. What are void an voidable contract. Explain in detail
  24. What contracts are specifically declared void contracts under the contract act 1872
  25. define proposal?and essentials of valid proposa/offer?
  26. essentials of valid contract