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  1. Smileys --- War with emoticons--
  2. Make a Jori.................NO. 1
  3. Qaaidi Banaooooo Game...:((
  4. GUEss WhO wOulD B NexT
  5. New Nick / ID
  6. ISHQIYAAAAAAAAAAAAA Students Organization (ISO).
  7. that is really funny
  8. PAKISTAN HAR GYA 2010 wroldcup
  10. Avatar bhi upload ho raha hia ab to
  11. hmmmm :|
  12. Congratulation To Every One (MUST SEE)
  13. MGT503 Principles of Management Assignment 1
  14. Past Papers Uploading
  15. PTCL has blocked FACEBOOK bad links against MUSLIMS
  16. Signs of dajjal in VU
  17. kool
  18. Virtual University Gothki campus
  19. Kashhhhhhh
  20. Best Of Luck For the Exams by VIKI
  21. sanam where r u???
  22. Me leaving for 2 days Meet u soon INSHALLAH
  23. Difference Between Girls and Boys
  24. Skill Difference Between Boys And Girls
  25. wah..... :)
  26. Snow Fall in Jhelum
  27. Wishing birthdays
  28. What is a friend? A single soul, dwelling in two bodies
  29. Sanam aa gye hain wapis aur Saba gayab???????
  30. My star
  31. Artist a great Paint program
  32. At last time has come again
  33. Ais ki zimadari kon ly ga
  34. Size of Earth
  35. What u Say????
  36. pknews.info job ads
  37. saba app kahan han
  38. Jhelum Got Talent
  39. Gupshup forums
  40. Hearts Capsule For Heart Seekers
  41. I love Pigeon
  42. VU main position lana ka liya kuch bhi karain gy
  43. Pakistan main 2.0 D aisi bhi ho sakti hia Shooked
  44. kisi na sach hi kaha hai
  45. Can we play these games?
  46. subha breakfast main paratha kon kon kahta hai?
  47. Question about the types of CPU. and there uses.?
  48. Andre Rieu & 3 year old violinist, Akim Camara 2005
  49. You Look down, you Mr.Die
  50. ramdan main virtual university kay papers ah gay han
  51. New Birthday Wish Group
  52. During your Interview, what would you do ?
  53. Today is Bee's Birthday please wish him/her
  54. salamz girls
  55. typical study cretiria in Pakistan, virtual Univeristy
  56. Jhelum wheeling compition
  57. Lahori Pakistani Girl wheeling brave girl
  58. Please wish Happy Birthday to sam4sun10
  59. which pakistani bank is good to open an account?
  60. Are Pakistani People always looking for "Joghar"?
  61. Pakistani uk born british beating dhool (drum)
  62. Pocket Money
  63. Music and Media Production Short courses
  64. Worlds biggest Bike in Jhelum (Pakistan)
  65. Uk in Pakistan
  66. Iftar menu
  67. Are Pakistani Nation beggar? They could not stand on their feet?
  68. High food prices in Pakistan because of Ramadan and Flood 2010
  69. Molvi Love halwa? Do What about you?
  70. Sindh Still A victim, Shahdadkot, Tori and Begari breaches in Flood
  71. Sialkot Brutal Killing Game [A Horrible Fact Mob is Thirsty for Blood]August 15,2010
  72. Virtual Univeristy Students activities after Exams
  73. Marvelous designs made in pencil carving August 2010
  74. Pakistani Team involved in Match fixing, Police arrest man in United Kingdom(UK)
  75. Eid will be expected on 9th of September in Pakistan
  76. Living Ranbow Flowers
  77. Peshawar Real beautiful girls video
  78. Petrol free in Pakistan September, 2010
  79. Agriculture of Pakistan will take 2 years for recovery 21st Sep, 2010
  80. Salman Khan Fatwa Issued
  81. Is nawaz shareef mindless? Musharaf 1st Oct, 2010
  82. This moment is not permanent in life.
  83. Oey chawla
  84. You made dua or not?
  85. Flood tax approved in sindh for flood victims
  86. " The 'Judge’s Strike’ is a violation of discipline
  87. The Killing of Swat University's Vice Chancellor Dr. Farooque Khan.
  88. Nokia Unlock Codes for Newer Models (BB5 & SL3 Models)
  89. Nokia Unlock Codes (BB5 & SL3 Models)
  90. Beautiful girl from Jhelum city
  91. Virtual University Beautiful Girl
  92. Earn Online Money By Data Entery 100 % Guarntee
  93. Signature at China gona win or not?
  94. Dont Work Toooooooo Hard
  95. First book written on Iqbal
  96. Animals are on high price in Karachi
  97. eid ul adha 2010 bakra pics
  98. Subah Saweray Maya key Sath SAMAA
  99. salam whats up vu friends
  100. The king of punjab Bull for qurbani 2010 25 Lakh only
  101. Menna Bazar 2010 in Pakistan at University
  102. Is larki ka nam batanay walay ko ek Kiss.
  103. Sana kay facebook ki chat main 200 people online kis say bat karon?
  104. School ki churalyen? what do u think? r they?
  105. Girls apni pic kyon change ker kay laga deti han?
  106. who is stupid girl or boys?
  107. Larki aur larkay ko mangani kay bad bat karni chaehya?
  108. Facebook par kis umer kay log zayada hotay han
  109. Zalim hassena yah yah larkay bewaquf hotay han?
  110. Pakistan ka matlab kia?
  111. I ____ YOU? fill THE BLANK?
  112. Ager app Pakistan kay president ban jayen tu kia karen gay?
  113. Virtual University Midterm exam pic
  114. New Trend of girls and boys :P
  115. Pari ho tu aesi ho.
  116. Orat kay anso yah us ki muskurahat? kis say inspire ho?
  117. Rate me if you are intelligent?
  118. Yah larki apnay kan kyon pakar kar bethi hai? tell tell
  119. App ki yad ati rahi..... Wow good song
  120. Kaho ek din. Nice song by ahmed jahanzeb
  121. Ek bar kaho tum meri ho. By ahmed jahanzeb
  122. Larkay apni shave kyon barha kar rakhtay han on Mehndi?
  123. I love my mom.
  124. Ager app ki friend kisi aur ko pasand karti yah karta hai tu app ki feeling kia ho gi
  125. Larkiyan apni id kyon dey kar kehti han add me? When they don't want to chat?
  126. Muni badnam kyon howi aur ab hal dekh lo.
  127. cancellation and misbehaviour during exam virtual university of Pakistan
  128. Yah bulkul galat bat hai girls kay khilaf parpoganda hai.
  129. Ager app Facebook kay malik hotay tu kia kartay? Give answer in one sentence
  130. Is larki kay lips par kia laga hai?
  131. Khubsurti zayada larkiyon main hoti hai yah larkon main?
  132. Nice and cute pic what to u think?
  133. Fair and lovely ana band ho jay tu larkay kia karen gay?
  134. Larkay zayada ghut boltay han yah larkiyan?
  135. Love is feeling guilty when you are hurt?
  136. POMA Startegy - File Corrupted
  137. Wow nice pics of couple? What you say?
  138. Wow what a style sir g for smoking.
  139. Meri Maa Ne Hamesha Haqeeqat Biyan ki ho
  140. Accept the Pain, Future will be Fruitful
  141. poetry from AHMED FARAZ positive discussion
  142. Happy new year to all pakistani students
  143. Simply happy new year 2011
  144. Facebook say larkay pastay han yah larkiyan?
  145. Girls sitting in ching chee auto riksha
  146. Slim girls from all over the world at one place
  147. Mobile phone per bat karni buhat zarori hai.
  148. Larkay apnay say chuti umer ki girls say kyon bat karna chahtay han?
  149. ishtehar baray zarorat-e-Rishta with some conditions
  150. yah chawal kon han? bojo tu janay
  151. Kanjer kanjer hi hotay han? Is this all?
  152. 2010 Ka koi yad gar waqia or incident which you still remeber and want to share
  153. Ager app say bachi set nahi ho rahi tu app ki shakal hi buri hai....
  154. Age factor and attitude of today generation
  155. Lion kissing to his fan. This women is lucky
  156. Is it raju rocket? What does that meaning?
  157. Ab apni bikes ko beach do petrol nahi milay ga and also gass.
  158. Please pay your Zardari tax today. its not 10 percent now its 15 percent.
  159. Sabar kay phal say tayar karda. Traffic jam please buy today and win tention
  160. Who is innocent girls or boys in 2011
  161. Pari ho tu aesi
  162. Lovely ducks i love this picture
  163. Friends for ever? yes Friends for ever
  164. sweet frendship...
  165. Illusion of hands
  166. cute cats..
  167. Ansu denay walay yah lenay walay kon dil kay pass hotay han?
  168. Why boys blame girls for not doing chat with them? its not fair?
  169. Faisal masjid beautiful picture with sunset on 2011
  170. Tind ho tu aesi ho warna na ho
  171. Larki panshana mushkil kam yah
  172. Happy Valentine's Day 2011
  173. Whats new going around us? taken from facebook
  174. The District Jhelum history and breif disciption
  175. Jhelum on the Internet from 1999 to 2011
  176. Sprite science of Sociology to submit your problem 2011
  177. Who else watch mathira baji online at Agg tv?
  178. See this before starting ur work.. it'll help u..
  179. Akon to celebrate his birthday with king khan 13 april 2011
  180. new Get Khawateen Digest 14 April 2011
  181. Pakistan is home to 50mln illiterate people: UNESCO 14 april 2011
  182. its Beautifull pakistan Pakistan is My Land
  183. The punctuation marks
  184. new latest Nice Dresses for Kids 2011
  185. Amir khan 4th time defense his light weight champion 18 April 2011
  186. its Pakistan Beautiful introduction with beautiful pictures 17 april 2011
  187. Allah for give us - ایک بہت شرمناک رپورٹ april 2011
  188. Dear fellow i am busy in few shadi's so please don't mind
  189. just for girls Tips for Staying Beautiful After 40 april 2011
  190. Top listed 10 Feel Good Movies 2011
  191. Prince William Wedding with Kate Middleton 29 april 2011
  192. PTCL introduces fastest internet 22 april 2011
  193. akeer: Kuch khaane ko do!
  194. 1 Aur Sardar 2011
  195. Bhook
  196. Lazziness
  197. Tuj main rab dekhta hai yara main kia karon best song for shahrukh Khan
  198. kitni pali bili hai
  199. ab tu adat c hai muj koooooooooooo 2000011
  200. fan give gift to stage actress Deedar May 2011
  201. difference between LED tv and Plasma TV may 2011
  202. Math ke base hila ker rakh di.
  203. Popular Hobbies for Women 2011
  204. Friendship
  205. How to make Windows XP faster May 2011
  206. Best post of the Day May 2011
  207. New latest Expensive stylish phone May 2011
  208. Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 Smartphone – Price, Reviews and Specifications
  209. Mobile packages in Pakistan spoiling students’ character May 2011
  210. New look stylish car 2011
  211. lo bhaee sab gol gappy khao full enjoy
  212. Amazing Engineer Creativity
  213. Amazing Engineer Creativity
  214. Daku Ya Majboor?
  215. Smoking Is Injurious to Health
  216. New stle women Absolutely Stunning High Heels 2011
  217. which are the best camera May 2011
  218. best photo effect May 2011
  219. latest ray ban style in USA May 2011
  220. latest new style car in USA May 2011
  221. new gucci purse for men May 2011
  222. new gucci glasses May 2011 for men and women
  223. latest nike showes for men and women May 2011
  224. latest nike t-shirt style May 2011
  225. New nike t-shirt style May 2011
  226. Laugh & live
  227. latest stylish nokia E sreies E71 mobile phones june 2011
  228. Nokia latest Twist A Square Cell Phone For The Kids june 2011
  229. Nokia new Cheapest Touchscreen Phone with full specification The Nokia5230 june2011
  230. Most difficult sentence
  231. What is your star?
  232. latest Next company T Shirt in UK May 2011
  233. New armani latest style jeans May 2011
  234. Warid or Telenor internship May 2011
  235. latest lacoste shoes May 2011
  236. latest payal for girlz May 2011
  237. blue diamond jewellery May 2011
  238. Maggie Masala Noodles
  239. how to make Chicken Roast
  240. latest Adidas showes May 2011
  241. Samsung helps you take better pictures of your kids with a clever update 28 May 2011
  242. joke of the day May 2011
  243. Some Interesting Things That Make Life More Easier Read more: Some Interesting Thing
  244. Pakistan ka sab se bara Dushman Kon? Sirf Such 29th May 2011
  245. latest toyota rav4 in New style june 2011
  246. the world largest dam in china 2011
  247. MBA VU Books May 2011
  248. Afridi announced quits international cricket 30 may 2011
  249. latest lynx body spray and body wash June 2011
  250. Study in UK Free Seminar May 2011