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  1. Who is competence witness under Islamic law
  2. Discuss the concept of state in Islam Punjab University LLB Part 1
  3. Define contract? What are the ingredients of a valid contract in Islamic law
  4. Discuss the classification on crimes under Islamic law
  5. Define custom and discuss its importance in Islamic law
  6. Define and distinguish between darul-Islam and Darul-Harb
  7. Define Hadd and Tazir what is distinction between these
  8. Define Ijma. What are its kinds and how it is conducted
  9. Ijtihad and Taqlid Define and distinguish between Ijtihad and Taqlid
  10. Istidlal Discuss and elaborate Istidlah and Isthisan
  11. Istihsan Why some jurists did not approve Istihsan
  12. Why Jehad is waged? What acts are permissible and what not during Jehad
  13. What are the qualifications of a qazi in an Islamic state? Discuss
  14. What is legal capacity? How it defective and what are the consequences of its defect
  15. What are the sources of Islamic international law? Discuss briefly
  16. Discuss the concept of ownership in Islam. How it is acquired and lost
  17. What is meant by public and private rights? Which one is more important and why
  18. Discuss and elaborate the theory of Istehsan and Qiyes under Islamic law
  19. Write a detailed note on Quran as primary source of Islamic law
  20. What are the traditional sources of revenue of an Islamic state?
  21. What are the rights of minorities in an Islamic state
  22. What importance and role of Surha in an Islamic state in the light of Quranic verses
  23. Sovereignty Explain sovereignty in Islam
  24. Discuss Sunnah as a source of Islamic law what are it kinds
  25. Theory of Abrogation Discuss the theory of abrogation in Quran in detail
  26. Punjab University LLB Part 1 Islamic Jurisprudence Paper 1 Past Papers 2014