View Full Version : Easements Act 1882

  1. what is easements generally define it briefily
  2. What are Dominant heritage or tenement in easement
  3. What is mean by Servient heritage?
  4. How you can do Comparison with Analogous Rights?
  5. What do you understand by “Right to light and air”?
  6. Discuss and Right in respect of water in Easements?
  7. General classification difference between Affirmative and negative easements
  8. What is meant by Apparent and non-apparent easements
  9. Define the Easement of necessity in your own words
  10. What are Continuous and discontinuous easements
  11. What do you understand “Right-Of-Way” in easements?
  12. Other rights which can be acquired as easements
  13. What are the Right which cannot be acquired as easements?
  14. Continuous and discontinuous, apparent and non-apparent easements:
  15. What you understand about Easements for limited time or on condition?
  16. What are Easements restrictive of certain rights?
  17. What is meant by Servient owners?
  18. What is “Right to support “ in easements?
  19. What is “Right to water” in easements?
  20. Who many impose easements are available?
  21. What is Imposition acquisition and transfer of easements?
  22. What are Riparian rights in easements?
  23. What are Modes of creation & acquisition of easements?
  24. Who may grant easement “any one” discuss it briefly ?
  25. . what is meant by Lessor and mortgagor in easements?
  26. What is mean of Lessee?
  27. Who many acquire easements Owner or person in possession?
  28. Who may acquire easements in general ?
  29. . Discuss and differentiate Easements of necessity and quasi-easements?
  30. Easements arise only on severance
  31. What do u understand about Easements of necessity
  32. What is the Introductory of easement?
  33. What is The Easement Act
  34. What do u understand about “Direction of way of necessity”
  35. Discuss and brief about Acquisition by prescription
  36. What are “Other easements “ in law of easements
  37. Who can prescribe an easement
  38. Pleadings and proof in easements
  39. Easement in favour of reversioner of servient heritage
  40. What is mean by “Limited estate”
  41. Rights which cannot be acquired by prescription
  42. What do you think about “Total destruction- clause (A)”
  43. Purpose attained, abandoned or frustrated- - clause (F)
  44. Execution of works of a permanent character
  45. Grant may be express or implied
  46. Who many grant license
  47. Transfer of dominant heritage passes easement
  48. Rules to be applied when evidence of intention And purpose is not available
  49. Rights to enjoyment without disturbance
  50. Extinction on permanent alteration of servient heritage by superior force
  51. Principles governing grant of injunction
  52. Extinction by permanent change in dominant heritage
  53. Extinction by destruction of either heritage