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  1. LLB Part 2 Paper no 1 Constitution of Pakistan 1973 importance for Students
  2. Q. Explain the role of preamble and role in the constitutional interpreation (2003/A)
  3. Q. Disuss the salient feature of the constitution of Pakista 1973? (1996) (1997)
  4. Q. What do you understand by fundamental right?
  5. Q. Describe the principles policy given in the constitution.
  6. Q. What are different Islamic provisions incorporated in the constitution. (2002/S)
  7. Q. What are the Qualifications for election to the office of president
  8. Q. Write a comprehensive note on the powers and postition of president of Pakistan
  9. Q. Write a comprehensive on the prime minister of Pakistan. (1995/A) (2000/A) (2004)
  10. Q. Discuss the compsition and role of the senate in Pakistan. (199/A)
  11. Q. What do you understand by the term 'Parliament".
  12. Q. Describe the procedure of electing the speaker of national assembly.
  13. Q. Discuss the legislative procedure followed by the parliament under 1973.
  14. Q. What is the procedure of Amendment of the constitution of Islamic republic
  15. Q. What are the qualifications for the office of a Governor?
  16. Q. Describe the composition and functions of provincial assembly. (1998-S)
  17. Q. Write note on Chief minsiter. (2000-A)
  18. Q. Write comprehensive note on federal Shariat court. (2001-A)
  19. Q. Describe the Jurisdiction of supreme court of Pakistan. (2000-S) (2004)
  20. Q. Explain the constitution of high court and describe the necessary qualifications .
  21. Q. Write a comprehensive note on supreme judicial council. (1998-S) (2002-S)
  22. Q. Give the constitution and functions of council of a Islamic ideology. (2000-S)
  23. Q. Write a comprehensive note on the council of common intersts. (1997-S) (2000-S)
  24. Q. Write a comprehensive note on chief election commissioner
  25. Q. Discuss the salient features of the late constitution 1956 of the Islamic
  26. Q. Critically examine and explain in detail the salient features of the independence
  27. Q. What was the objective resolution 1949? (1999-A)
  28. Q. Enumerate the Salient features of the constitution of 1962. (1998-A0 (2000-A)
  29. Q. What form of Government was established under the constitution of 1962?
  30. Q. Compare the salient features of the constitution 1956 and 1962. (2003-A)
  31. Q. Discuss the emergency provisions of the constitution with reference to Article 232
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