View Full Version : Law of Equity part 2 paper 2

  1. Q. What are the lawful objects of a trust?
  2. Q. Discuss various kinds of trussts with examples. (1997)
  3. Q. Discuss the rights available to beneficiaries under trust act. (1996) (2000)
  4. Q. What are the liabilities which may be imposed on a beneficiary of a trust. (1998)
  5. Q. What rights are available to trustee under trusts act. (2000)
  6. Q. What are the powers with the trustee may exercise under the trust act. (2000)
  7. Q. Enumerate and explain duties of trustee. (1997) (1998)
  8. Q. Briefly state the disabilities of a trustee. (2002)
  9. Q. Exeplain, when can a trustee delegate any of his duty to co-trustee or a stranger.
  10. Q. Write down briefly on doctrine cypress. (2003)
  11. Q. When can the office of a trustee be vacated?
  12. What are powers and procedure for a court to appoint a new trustee. (2000)
  13. By what process a trust is extinguished?
  14. What is specific relief?
  15. Discuss the procedure of recovery of immovable property under specific relief act.
  16. How a person can be sued for the recovery of possession of moveable property?
  17. Which contract cannot be specifically enforced?
  18. Q. What do you mean by specific performance of contract?
  19. Q. Who cannot be compelled for specific performance of the contracts. (2000)
  20. Q. Who are the person entitled to sue for specific performance of the contracts?
  21. Q. Court always orders for specific performance as a whole, are there any exceptions
  22. Q. What are the cases where rescission of a contract may be adjudged. (2002) (2004)
  23. Q. What is declaration? explain the procedure and principles for declaration. (2005)
  24. Q. What are the cases where court may refuse the grant of an injunction. (1998)(2002)
  25. Q. Equity follows the law? Explain. (1998,1999,2000,2004,2005)
  26. Q. Who comes to equity must do equity. (1999, 2000, 2005)
  27. Q. Discuss "who comes to equity must come with cleas hands." (2000) (2002) (2011/A)
  28. Q. Delay defeats equity discuss.(2000)(2002)(2004)(2006/S)(2007(2011/A)
  29. Q. Discuss the maxim equity acts in personam. (2000)(2001)(2002)(2003)(2006)
  30. Q. Equity delighteth in equality explain. (2001) (2004)
  31. Q. Equity shall not suffer a wrong without a remedy discuss. (2004) (2006/S)
  32. Q. Equity look on as done which ought to be done. discuss. (2001) (2011/A)
  33. Who may obtain specific performance
  34. Rights in Rem---Rights in Personam
  35. Rescission of contracts
  36. Equity regards done what ought to be done
  37. Delay defeats equity
  38. Between equal equities the first in order of time shall prevail
  39. History of Equity
  40. Equity
  41. What is Equity
  42. Equity means fairness. Historical development.
  43. Equitavle maxims of annual paper 2013