View Full Version : Law of Transfer of Property

  1. Q. What do you understand by transfer of property. what is its effect. (1998)(2000)
  2. Q. Who is ostensible owner?
  3. Q. Explain the doctrine "Lis Pendens" during suit as understood with reference to
  4. Q. What is the effect of fraudulent transfer of property under transfer of property
  5. Q. Discuss the principle laid in Sec. 53 a for transfer of property act. (2001)(2004)
  6. Q. Define sale. how is it made?
  7. Q. Define lease what are the right and liabilities of lessor. (1999)(2000)
  8. Q. Define lease? what are essentials of lease agreement.
  9. Q. What is lease? discuss the rights and liabilities of lessor and lease. (2002)
  10. Q. Write note on exchange. (2002)
  11. Q. What do you understand by the term mortgage. what are different kinds of mortgage.
  12. Q. What do you meant by simple mortgage.
  13. Discuss the right and liabilities of mortgagor. (2004)
  14. Define gift? how is transfer of property effected by gift?
  15. What matters a court may take into consideration determining compensationto
  16. 1. Introduction: Land acquisition act empowers government to acquire land only for
  17. Q. Discuss the procedure acquisition of land in case of urgency. (2005)
  18. What is remedy available to a person aggrived of the award. (2000)
  19. Explain the difference between a reference to court under Sec. 18 Sec. 30 of the act
  20. What is award as understood under the land acquisition act?
  21. What is procedure adopted for acquisition of land for a company? (2001)(2002)
  22. What are documents which are required to be registered compulsory? (1999)(2002)(2004)
  23. What are the document on which registration is optional. (2000)(2003)
  24. What are the legal effects on non-registration of a document required to
  25. What are the duties of a registering officer when a document is presented for
  26. Can a sub-registrar, without assigning any reason, refuse register a document?
  27. Write a detail the procedure for obtaining a succession certificate.(2000)(2001)
  28. How a succession certificate can be revoked. (2000)
  29. What is the will, who can make it and explain in whose faovour a will can be
  30. What do you understand by domicile? how a new domicile be acquired. (2002)