View Full Version : Islamic Personal Law LLB Part 2

  1. What are the sources of Islamic law? What is their respective importance? (2000)
  2. Write a detailed note on Quran as a primary source of Islamic law. (1999)(2001)
  3. Discuss the importance of Sunnah as a source of Islamic Law. (2002)(2003)
  4. Ijtehad has got important status in Islamic law. discuss. (19980(2006)
  5. Define marriage (Nikah) what are its essentials. (2005)
  6. Define 'marriage'. what is the difference between irrgular and void marriages. (1998)
  7. Define marriage. discuss legal effects of valid, and irregular marriage. (2002)
  8. What are impediments to a valid marriage under Islamic law? (2004)(2005)
  9. Define and discuss khula, describe the effects of divorce in detail. (2000)(2002)
  10. Define Khula, how it is different from divorce.
  11. Enumerate various grounds for the dissolution of marriage under the dissolution of
  12. Define Divorce. what are different modes of Divorce and what are its various kinds.
  13. What procedure have to be followed/adopted for divorcing a wife under the
  14. How the Muslim laws ordinance, 1961, has changed the Islamic law? (2005)
  15. What is Arbitration council under Muslim family law ordinance 1961.
  16. What is dower? describe in derail its various kinds. (2003)
  17. What are prompt and deferred dowers what remedies are available to the wife.
  18. Define dower. what is the difference between prompt and deferred dower. (2002)
  19. Is husband liable to maintain wife?
  20. Define Waqf are the objects. requisites and condition for a valid Waqf. (2005)
  21. What is waqf? how is waqf completed? who can be appointend as Mutawalli. (1999)
  22. Who may be appointed mutwalli of waqf property? what are his rights and duties. (2005
  23. Define who can make a will?
  24. Discuss briefly the gift under what circumstances a doner can revoke a gift. (1997)
  25. Define will what is the difference between will and gift. (2002)
  26. What is meant by 'Acknowledgement' of paternity in Islamic law?
  27. State the matters to be considered by a court in appointment of a guardian of minor.
  28. State the matters to be considered by a court in appointment of a guardian of minor.
  29. Who are the entitled to guardianship of the person of a minor?
  30. Divorce
  31. Dower
  32. Marriage
  33. Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961
  34. Salient features of Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961
  35. The Concept of Divorce under Muslim Law
  36. Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Book 63: Divorce