View Full Version : Public International Law LLB part 2

  1. What are principal sources of international law
  2. Discuss and distinguish between public international law and private international
  3. Some writers doubt whether international law qualifies as law. what is your opinion.
  4. What is meant by the relationship between international law and municipal law.
  5. In line with vienna convention on the law of treaties 1969, answer satisfactorily
  6. What is the difference between De facto and De Jure recognition?
  7. What is statelessness. how can it be remedied. (1999)
  8. Write a detailed note on succession of states. (2000)
  9. Discuss the law of state responsibility. (2006/S)
  10. Define nationality. how is it acquired and lost. (1998)(1999)(2006/S)
  11. What are modes of acquisition and loss of territory under international law. (1997)
  12. The amicable/ peaceful methods of settlement are ideal.
  13. Only one of the following statement is correct.
  14. Write note on Asylum. (1997)(2001)
  15. Write a detailed note on the privileges and immunities of dipolmatic agents. (2000)
  16. What is intervention and when it is permitted under international law. (1998)(1999)
  17. Pirates are enemies of mankind. discuss law for priates in detail. (1999) (2005)
  18. Draw a distinction between neutral and neutralized state. (1998)
  19. Discuss provisions of Geneva convention on prisoner of war. (1998)(2003)
  20. Write a note on war crimes. (2004)(2005)
  21. International court of justice does not have jurisdiction without
  22. Discuss the composition and functions of the security council. (2004)
  23. Montevideo Convention
  24. Helping material on International law