View Full Version : Special and Local Law llb part 2

  1. Discuss the Definitions?
  2. Discuss the various classes of revenue officers and their duties. (1999)(2002)(2005)
  3. What are classes of revenue officers.
  4. Write a deatailed note on duties of Lambardar. (2002)
  5. What are the main considerations
  6. What do you understand by lambardari system?
  7. Write a comprehensive note the rule of primogeniture. (1997)(2001)
  8. What is the procedure of mutation of land. (2000)
  9. What is record of rights? discuss the documents which are included in it. (1998)
  10. What is periodic record how it is prepared. (2001)(2003)
  11. Enumerate the processes for effecting the recovery of arrears of land revenue. (1998)
  12. Distinguish between general and special assessments.
  13. Explain the procedure of partition of land under the land revenue act. (1998)(2001)
  14. Which matters can a revenue officer refer to arbitration
  15. Discuss the law relating to appeal under land revenue act. (2000)
  16. What is review in what circumstances this is allowed. (2003)
  17. Write a note on Definitions?
  18. Discuss the rights and duties of tenant and landlord toward produce of land. (2000)
  19. What is rent? can its commutation and alteration take place if so how. (1998, 2000,)
  20. Who have right of occupancy under Punjab tenancy act. (2000)
  21. On what ground tenant can be ejected. (1998)(2000)(2003)(2004)
  22. When Rent can be deposited with the revenue officer by the tenant? (2000)(2002)
  23. What is law of improvement of land under tenancy act. (1999)
  24. Can an occupancy tenant as defined in Sec. 5 of the tenancy act 1887
  25. What are revenue courts?
  26. Define pre- emption. when does this right arise and do whom is this right available?
  27. What are three classes of person who are entitled to claim pre- emption.
  28. What are the essentials requirements to demand a right of Pre- emption.
  29. What kinds of property are exempted from the right of pre- Emption.
  30. What are the guide lines prescribed by the law for the determination of market value
  31. Mutation,
  32. Fixed-Term Tenancy Or Tenancy For Years-Tenants For Fixed Term
  33. Duties of Revenue Officers/ Officials
  34. THE PUNJAB LAND REVENUE ACT, 1967------Definitions.
  35. The punjab board of revenue act, 1957
  36. Mutation Process-- Easy to understand-------------------------------------------
  37. Some Important Acts-----------------------------Land Revenue Act (Punjab)------------
  38. The Punjab Land Revenue Act 1967