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  14. ELT-MCGID: An E-learning Tool for Minimizing Communication Gap and Interaction Delay
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  23. Write an essay on Character of a typical Pakistan 2011
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  29. Vu final term project Email Moderation Engine spring 2011
  30. Selecting right project for you sprign 2011 at Virtual University of Pakistan
  31. easy project for virtual university is Email Moderation Engine for spring 2011
  32. Email Moderation Engine spring 2011 last date 31 march
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  36. Methodology and Work Plan for virtual univeristy of Pakistan final project 2011
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  42. Data Encryption and Compression Software
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  50. ELT-MCGID An E-learning Tool for Minimizing Communication Gap and Interaction Delay
  51. Php java or DotNet Script required for Social Website with posting and voting 2011
  52. Develop a php and mysql script for Staff Scheduling Tool 2011
  53. Dear vu students Projects are avaliable on resonable price please let us know
  54. final project of MIT May 2011
  55. What is Customer Relationship management? in my point of view with references 2011
  56. Second phase date for submitting vu final project spring 2011 is 6th June
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  68. Vu Final Term project Statistical Analyzer for Data Manipulation Fall 2011
  69. Vu Final term project Energy Consumption Calculator for Data Centers fall 2011
  70. Vu Final Term project SEO Link Engine Fall 2011
  71. Vu final term project benefit and drawback of a group member 2011
  72. Final Semester Documentation for first semester fall 2011
  73. Final date to select project and group member for a project is 20th October, 2011
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  77. For usecase diagram in Srs student should first identify the Actors
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  80. SEO Link Engine Vu project Second phase is for sale the last date is 23 Feb, 2011
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  91. Multipurpose Viva Exam System (Mobile & Web) spring 2012 project final analysis
  92. Social Networks Marketing Engine cs619 Final term project spring 2012 analysis
  93. Poultry Farming System cs619 final vu project for spring 2012 semester
  94. Online Restaurant Coupon Deals php and mysql project spring 2012 virutal university
  95. cs619 Virtual University of Pakistan Spring 2012 Final Project list for MCS,BCS,MIT
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  102. Raja pervaiz Ashraf on Vu convocation and students 2012 by azizi mian
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  127. Call for paper
  128. CS619 Final Year Project Catering Stock Program vu Spring 2014
  129. CS619 Final Year project "LYRICSER” The Sound Mixer VU spring 2014
  130. CS619 final year project "Virtual Screen Splitter (VSP)" VU Spring 2014
  131. MKT619 , FIN619 , MGT619 , HRM619 , CS619 Final Year Projects
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  137. Cs619 final project selection spring 2015 last date 5th June, 2015
  138. virtual university has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with NADRA Technologi
  139. virtual university has announced the projects for mcs, bcs, mit bs(CS), bs(IT) 2015
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