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  1. About C++ for virtual University Students
  2. How to install Dev c++
  3. Why we use iostream.h in our program?
  4. some features of PREPROCESSOR in c and C++
  5. # include main() { cout<< "How are u? welcome to my program"; }
  6. char s1[] = "example"; char s2[20] = "another example" would store the two strings as
  7. what is difference b/w "cin" and "cout". plz explain.
  8. declared one varibale char s1[10] but when i am inputing the string
  9. info regarding "source file not compiled"
  10. many Header Files and which Header Files are being supported by our default compiler
  12. # include main() { cout<< "How are u? welcome to my program"; }
  13. I wanted to program this in a manner that it will display
  14. i got the conecpt of string array as i asked before but i did not get this point
  15. In C++ is SPACE is also a charactor??
  16. Please define design recipe in C++?
  17. Sir please clear i++ and i-- terms.What is there function
  18. Regarding variable declaration, i know about interger types
  19. Dear sir please clear the terms i++ and i-- what are their functions?
  20. How many types of Array are there in C++?
  21. C++ main program likhta hn magar wo run ni hota
  22. But "cin" lines are not producing the results 2011
  23. I use multi dimensional arrays in a program
  24. how i can write a right program without any errors n i do bsc in double math physics
  25. using namespace std;"in the code can we compile the codes
  26. sir (c)and c++ languages are low level language or high level languages?
  27. In file included from C:/Dev-Cpp/include/c++/3.4.2/backward/iostream.h:31, from C:\Do
  28. Tell me we use in over programm print f & scan f instead of cout , cin
  29. when user enter 6 number guessing game of tossing coin
  30. I would able to program in c++ I would be able to program in every language.
  31. char data type in c and C++
  32. comkplie karta hn to wo save hony k liye location deta hy save karny k bad wo run ni
  33. i used Char data type to store a sentence but there is problem
  34. f i use hints for book ie(c++ How to Program 5th Edition) will it be ok?
  35. Car No. : LWQ234. My question is that Car No. is mixed with characters
  36. calculation k kam to calculator sai bi kar late hai aur age bi find programming k ala
  37. Please explain the term stacking overhead in C++
  38. Please define function calling in C++?
  39. How to call by reference ? I have an error.
  40. what is object code? let say we have any line of source code
  41. Linux Unix Windows Mac OS If a function has not been declared before its definition,
  42. excuteing the progreme and how does can i best my programe error and how i can remove
  43. Which of the function call is call by value for the following function prototype C+?
  44. compiler is compiling our source coad so course code is example for compiler.
  45. can we use Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 for developing c++ programmes
  46. pasting my code down # include main () { char endp; char print; cout << "The print p
  47. Within our assignment code, can we replace <iostream.h> header with <iostream>
  48. is there anything else like winzip wizard to run the programms in dev cpp.
  49. if this is one statement then why we are using << again and again . what will happen
  50. sir i m having linker and build error. pls help out. regards
  51. What data type will be used in C++ program?
  52. need some guidece for those students those are new in programming and have no compute
  53. assalam o alaikum sir Is that neccessory to use a Function to complete this assignmen
  54. sir i cant under stand function and cant apply it in program please help me
  55. write a function to calcute the power of some number, will we only save it or we will
  56. what is an argument in c++?
  57. character variables and assignment contain characters variable requirement
  58. the source file is not compile in c++
  59. Function also provides encapsulation, what it means with an example please?
  60. why we donít use semicolon at the end of a function in C++?
  61. if we have a program to check, how we can tell how many function it is using and it
  62. Q: What is the difference between function declaration and function define with exp
  63. please tell me a proper defination of a function?
  64. something is wrong with this version of dev c++
  65. what means of cardinalities relationship plz explain me sir by an example diagram
  66. Programme Not Run in C++ giving erros 2011
  67. The number in two arrays after taking these number the array
  68. we used single & and single | logical operator in condition
  69. how i can leave spaces between my program output
  70. i used if statment to stop the program and prompt the error when area of inner circle
  71. when we make codes in Devc++ after press F9 (compiling) the new .exe file will show
  72. difference of cin and cout statemenet,i have no computer back gronud i want to learn
  73. What the difference between compiler and debuger?
  74. This programme prompts when area of inner circle is greater or equal to area of outer
  75. How can we stop a programme at any point in C++?
  76. read int size (is that true )in bytes 2 and short int bytes 2 what the difference bet
  77. i solve the assignment i mean which ms word doc file can i use
  78. A-O-A sir i have made my 1st program of typing a text "Welcome to Virtual University"
  79. #include where is this file?
  80. The coding given in handsout and vu books are not working
  81. Subject: Dev c++
  82. Version Problem
  83. cs201 intro to computer
  84. define identity of object, how do we handle processes in object orientation?
  85. Explain the difference between state and attribute in c++ 2011
  86. difference between implementation and encapsulation,How can we access the hidden info
  87. how interface and implementation are seprated from each other in c++ 2011
  88. what is difference b/w characteristic, behavior and interface?
  89. Difference b/w encapsulation and information hiding
  90. Is there Any difference b/w Object Oriented ProgrAmming And ProcedurAl ProgrAmming?
  91. what is difference between PATH and CIRCUIT in c++ 2011?
  92. Explain overridig with example 2011
  93. Disadvantage of encapsulation
  94. what is overriding in c++
  95. Wht is the use of Inheritnce in OOP?
  96. Why Encpsultion is used in OOP?
  97. what are subtyping and specilization?
  98. What is the sub type of Extension
  99. What does hierarchy mean in concerned with Classes ?
  100. What are Concrete Classes in c++ 2011?
  101. What is cope and complexity in c++ 2011 ?
  102. What is abstraction in c++ 2011?
  103. what is the value of cardinality(*) in association in c++ ?
  104. what is constructor in c ++
  105. What is polymorphism in c++ 2011
  106. omain knowledge and domain experts in c++ 2011
  107. what is the purpose is isopen() in main menu,difining select, move, rotate functions
  108. what is the meaning of sibling?as it is mentioned in student attribute
  109. constructor and destructor in c++ 2011
  110. Use of Inline Function in c++ 2011
  111. what is difference between a constructor and over loaded constructor?
  112. object oriented programming what does it mean and what are the benefites using it
  113. What is generalization in c++ 2011
  114. what is the basic purpose of object oriented programming?Where we implement it?
  115. explain cardinality in c++ 2011
  116. What are constant members functions in c++ 2011
  117. differetiate between shallow copy and copy constructor in c++ 2011
  118. what is Topic base content management system? How it looks like?
  119. What are Static Data Members in c++ 2011?
  120. c++ code 2011
  121. overloading and polymorphism in c++
  122. what are instance variable in c++ ?
  123. Static Variable in c++ 2011
  124. Initilization of Data Member in c++ 2011
  125. elaborate real difference between association and aggregation in real time percepecti
  126. What is Aggregation in OOP?
  127. what is buffer ptr and char* in c ++ 2011 ?
  128. const. pointer or pointer to const. char
  129. what is bool why we use it with the function what is it benefit ?
  130. Default Date in c++ ?
  131. how to use Binary operators in c++ 2011
  132. what is function overloading and memory leak ?
  133. Here is a chunk of code prototype of Library Managment System.
  134. what is the main function of bool explain in detail?
  135. importance of Object Oriented 2011
  136. Object Orient Language
  137. what is object oriented programming and for what purpose we use it?
  138. What is entity with respect to object oriented programming
  139. subtyping and specilition in c++ 2011
  140. what is the difference between abstract class and concerete class in c++ 2011
  141. oop an procedral programming 2011
  142. what is the differnce b/w overriding and abstraction in c++ 2011?
  143. what is meant by concrete class in c++ 2011?
  144. what is difference between object data type and Permitive data type in c++ 2011
  145. What is the purpose of using classes if we have the structure
  146. Pointers in c++ 2011
  147. what is difference between Data Members and Members function.
  148. security and privacy in c
  149. in abstract classes where abject donot extensiate,why we make concrete classes in it?
  150. Member access specifier is a C++ Operator
  151. what this function do ? void student ::setName (char *aName);
  152. how the information hidden within an object can be assessed either dot operator conne
  153. define abstraction in c++ 2011
  154. error in c++
  155. is the dot operator connect the class object and a member of that class?
  156. explain the copy constructor, shallow copy, and deep copy with examples and c++ code
  157. can we define objects without any class?
  158. can we define same functions for the two or more different objects of different class
  159. static variable is called the global veriable ?
  160. c++ code 2011
  161. what is difference between friend class and friend alternate
  162. C++ compiler can allocate dynamic memory for object?
  163. static member function can be declared explicitly?
  164. What is difference b/w child class and parent class
  165. what is Member function in c++ 2011
  166. In aggregation we use a pointer e.g. like chair object in a room class
  167. A data member can be member of any class oject or any particular or there can be any
  168. question adout c++ 2011
  169. what is Buffer in c++ 2011
  170. difference between member functions,non member functions and friend functions ?
  171. what is the function of ostream in c++ 2011
  172. cascading operator overloading in c++ 2011
  173. why we have declared these two TreeNode pointers left
  174. friend function in c++
  175. What is the object state. in c++ 2011
  176. Const keywor in c++ 2011
  177. What is namespace std in c++ 2011?
  178. What is the syntax of copy constructor in c 2011
  179. what is anonymous in c 2011
  180. Dangling pointer memory leakage Data operations
  181. c++ code 2011
  182. Pointers are not accessible for static member funcion
  183. Define Explicit and implicit in c++ 2011
  184. What is difference among main() int main() void main()
  185. what will be the function of storeDetailOfData(). Is it store student/administrator/s
  186. What is the concept of having the data member of the same class within it? i.e. class
  187. why we use pointers or reference except using real name of var. what is buffer point
  188. why we use pointers or reference except using real name of var. what is buffer point
  189. code c++
  190. why we use member intilizer list.what is benefit of using it.
  191. speclization in c++ 2011
  192. What is virtual inheritance,generic algorithmswith,member temples
  193. which language programming languages built or made? i mean java,C++ Bobol pascal.th
  194. application softwares 2011
  195. A partial specialization may inherit from an ordinary class
  196. this pointer in c++
  197. A partial specialization may inherit from a complete specialization? Actually I did n
  198. describe the highlighted code//header files #include #include using namespace
  199. what is cursor and why we use it. what is difference between cursor and pointer.
  200. difference between data structre and algorithm.
  201. virtual function and virtual inheritence
  202. explain error handling in c++ 2011
  203. where we use scoope resulation operation in c++?
  204. CS201 - Introduction to Programming important blanks for paper 2011
  205. Is it possible to make data type array which act as java Class Object in dev c++ 2011
  206. C++ have Virtual Function vs Function Pointer call 2011
  207. What is Array meaning in C++ and Java 2011
  208. how we can store data into a file in C++ and java?
  209. Problem with adding Symbols inside the C++ and java language 2011
  210. required help in for read txt file in c++ and java
  211. How to Write a function factorial in C++ and java and php 2011
  212. Memory pool & char array questions in C++ for 2011
  213. Generating substrings of a string in C++ 2011
  214. what are the latest updates for C++ May 2011
  215. classes use in c++ May 2011
  216. why we use class in C++ May 2011 ?
  217. keyword of c++ May 2011
  218. tool of trade in c++ May 2011
  219. define program in c++ May 2011
  220. arithmetical operator in c++ may 2011
  221. Compound assignment +=, -=, *=, /=, %=, >>=, <<=, &=, ^=, |= in c++ May 2011
  222. Relational and equality operators ==, !=, >, <, >=, <= in c++ May 2011
  223. Bitwise Operators ( &, |, ^, ~, <<, >> ) May 2011
  224. c
  225. The use of Function templates in C++ and C, java, php 2011
  226. what is program in C++ May 2011 ?
  227. Define function in c++ May 2011
  228. Declaration are Definition are the function in c++ May 2011
  229. Define calling function in c++ 2011
  230. Call by Value in c++ 2011
  231. Define Call by reference in c++ 2011
  232. what is Recursive function in c++ June 2011
  233. initialization of array in c++
  234. C++ latest Books 2011
  235. DEV-C++ equation solver
  236. loop statement in c++ 2011
  237. what in Vector in C ++ 2011
  238. ASCII code of c++
  239. C++ access private data members in another class
  240. Sorting code in c++
  241. Pass string value into function as an array in c++
  242. convert template to int in c++
  243. must have an argument of class or enumerated type
  244. Variable Access Speed in C++
  245. Configuring openAL in Dev C++
  246. Issues with double variables in c++ 2011
  247. HELP with do loop
  248. Visual Studio 2010 GUI
  249. Creating a Random String in c++ 2011
  250. how does cin actually work in 2011