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  1. Wateen WiMAX Broadband information and manuall download
  2. Wimax internet and telephony services Jupiter User Guide for wateen
  3. Wateen telecom tariff for broadband wireless users
  4. Wateen telecom coverage all over the Pakistan
  5. Working of wateen wireless broadband in Pakistan
  6. Q mobile E 900 for sale and price 2010 november and specifications 6999rs only
  7. To Active delivery sms notification on Telenor and Dijuce Packages
  8. You Can Have Following Details Of a Telenor Number
  9. PTCL Bill Alert Service for Pakistan in 2010
  10. PTCL Call Me Back Service for Pakistan Nation
  11. PTCL is offering Broadband 10 MB in Pakistan
  12. Broadband Student Package Promo PTCL for Pakistani Students
  13. Telenor easy paisa is suitable for webdevelopers and other online working community
  14. Telenor gprs mms and internet manual setting for all handsets
  15. To get telenor all mms gprs and internet settings via sms in Pakistan
  16. Telenor internet gprs package for 3mb, 10mb and 45mb codes
  17. Samsung galaxy tab
  18. LAVA A10 inspire the next
  19. Mircomax x600
  20. amazing crew
  21. Wireless wifi for Iphone and other compatible Mobiles like nokia samsun
  22. Best GPS Available in Pakistan for 2011
  23. free calls to Pakistan on mobile phone 2011
  24. Do you know What Is VOIP?
  25. BlackBerry Touch 9800, BlackBerry PlayBook and more may 2011
  26. Apple iPhone 4 32GB, Blackberry 9800 Torch may 2011
  27. FREE EVO NITRO USB from ptcl in pakistan 2011 and 2012
  28. General Inquiries for PTCL in to Pakistan 2011
  29. TENDER FOR PURCHASE OF - Cisco Aironet 1140 Series Access points- FOR PTCL HQ Release
  30. PTCL Call Tariff - International / Domestic 2011 for pakistan
  31. Sales Outlets in Punjab 2011 for PTCL, EVO and UFone CTR (Central Telecom Region)
  32. Sales Outlets in Punjab 2011 for PTCL, EVO and UFone GTR (Gujranwala Telecom Region)
  33. Sales Outlets in Punjab 2011 for PTCL, EVO and UFone FTR (Faisalabad Telecom Region)
  34. Sales Outlets in Punjab 2011 for PTCL, EVO and UFone ITR / RTR (Islamabad / Rawalpind
  35. Sales Outlets in Punjab 2011 for PTCL, EVO and UFone LTR (Lahore Telecom Region)
  36. Sales Outlets in Punjab 2011 for PTCL, EVO and UFone MTR (Multan Telecom Region)
  37. Sales Outlets in Gilgit Bal 2011 for PTCL, EVO and UFone Skardu / Gilgit
  38. Sales Outlets in Gilgit Bal 2011 for PTCL, EVO and UFone AJK
  39. Sales Outlets in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa 2011 for PTCL, EVO and UFone Hazara Telecom Regi
  40. Sales Outlets in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa 2011 for PTCL, EVO and UFone Northern Telecom Re
  41. Sales Outlets in Balochistan 2011 for PTCL, EVO and UFone Western Telecom Region
  42. Sales Outlets in Sindh 2011 for PTCL, EVO and UFone Western Telecom Region
  43. Pakistan telecom National Dialing Codes for different cities to dial phone calls
  44. PTCL is now offering videocon for customer and companies 2011 and 2012
  45. PTCL is now offering Super Sunday Offer free calls from ptcl to mobile 2011
  46. PTCL is offering now EVO Landline Recharge Service in Pakistan 2011
  47. now ptcl is offering FREE EVO NITRO USB in pakistan 2011
  48. PTCL EVO 3G Packages in PAkistan for Customers 2011 and 2012
  49. EVO PTCL Post Paid Packages for customers in PAkistan 2011
  50. EVO PTCL Pre-paid Packages for customers in PAkistan 2011
  51. PTCL EVO 3G 3.1 Coverage Area in PAkistan for customer of Internet 2011
  52. Where to download the EVO 3G Drivers in Pakistan for this internet device 2011
  53. Evo PTCL Bill payment options in Pakistan 2011
  54. hwo to EVO 3G Prepaid Recharge in Pakistan PTCL 2011
  55. PTCL Broadband packages available for customers in Pakistan
  56. PTCL is not offering Broadband 50MB VDSL for Pakistan people and first in World
  57. PTCL is offering National Package (256kbps) in first time Pakistan
  58. PTCL is offering Public Cash Payment Machine in Pakistan public places
  59. PTCL is offering Student Bundle Package in Pakistan
  60. PTCL is offering Broadband Packages Doubled
  61. PTCL Broadband 10MB for Pakistani People
  62. PTCL is offering Broadband 4MB for Pakistan Customers
  63. Get PTCL Broadband WiFi connection today
  64. How to get Free Email of PTCL
  65. PTCL HUAWEI EchoLife HG-510 dsl modem installation guide
  66. PTCL dsl modem settings for ADSL Installation Guide Shiro DSL805EU
  67. Money Transfer (from an easypaisa Mobile Account to another easypaisa Mobile Account)
  68. Easy Paisa money transfer for International Home Transfer
  69. Write the wireless history from zero to 100
  70. PTCL Broad band pakistan ADSL Installation Guide ZTE – 831 Series 2011
  71. PTCL BUZZ in Pakistan songs, watch classic movies, Cricket Matches, PTV Plays
  72. PTCL Broad band pakistan ADSL Installation Guide ZTE – ZXDSL-831D 2011
  73. Free call to Pakistan 2011 totally free
  74. low cost conference call in Pakistan 2011
  75. What other websites say about the free call on google search engine
  76. New plans for more foreign investment in telecom sector PTA July 2011
  77. Pakistan to Hit 22 Million Internet Users by 2013
  78. PTA Seized Two More Illegal VoIP Gateway Exchanges in Islamabad 2011
  79. pk Domain Transition Completed PKNIC New Ifrastructure DataCenters and Customer 2011
  80. PTA Launches SMS-based Information System for Educational Institutes 2011
  81. PTCL VIDEOCON Video Calls by Ptcl july 2011
  82. New Ptcl Evo Wi-Fi Cloud July 2011
  83. PTCL offer New Year Free Calls 2011
  84. PTCL Bill Alert Service (Bill Alert SMS) 2011
  85. PTCL Landline Hajj Offer 2010
  86. telenor offer TalkShawk Sonay ki Jeet – Gold Prize 2011
  87. Telenor Talkshawk:Local & International Calls only at 49paisa/30sec 2011
  88. telenor Talkshawk FNF offer:Talk free for 24hrs at Rs.9.99daily 2011
  89. Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf (PTI) Launches Android App 2011
  90. Wateen: 60 Percent Off on New Subscriptions – Zero Security Deposit 2011
  91. Wi-tribe Introduces new Enterprise Packages 2011
  92. Qubee Introduces 1.5 Mbps Unlimited 2011
  93. EVO New Packages 256kbps 2011
  94. ptcl International Plus Call Package 2011
  95. ptcl Super Sunday Offer July 2011
  96. ptcl Broadband 50MB VDSL 2011
  97. ptcl Broadband 2MB Promotion 2011
  98. ptcl Broadband WiFi on our phone 2011
  99. Broadband 10MB connection 2011
  100. latest Samsung Smart TV’s 3D Video-On-Demand hit 1M content views 2011
  101. Get PTCLEVO 256Kbps Unlimited Packages just in 1199rs only in Pakistan 2011
  102. evo ptcl online sale
  103. EVO 3G 3.1 configuration and package for pakistani people 2011
  104. EVO Landline Recharge Service avaliable in Pakistan and its really easy 2011-2012
  105. EVO 3G for sale in Pakistan on cheap price
  106. Evo 3g Postpaid Packages detaul with full information 2011-2012
  107. What is EVO wireless broadband?
  108. What is the Technology used by PTCL to provide High Speed Wireless Internet
  109. How does EVO work
  110. What equipment/device do I need to avail this service
  111. What are the device charges for EVO
  112. How can I check if my computer is compatible
  113. How fast can I go with my EVO Wireless broadband
  114. Is Evo Wireless Broadband network available in my city
  115. Does PTCL provide Roaming for evo 3g
  116. Will Evo be able get full 3.1 Mbps speed for downlink or 1.8 Mbps for uplink
  117. Can Evo 3g the device be used for memory storage
  118. In case Evo is not available in my city, what are the other options I have for intern
  119. Where can I pay my Evo bill in Pakistan 2011
  120. I want to switch to Advance line rental billing and vice versa for Evo 3G
  121. Can I change from Postpay Packages to any Evo Prepay Package and vice versa
  122. Are there any additional charges or tax over and above the rates mentioned for packag
  123. Landline billing package and I want to change my PTCL landline billing number
  124. Evo 3g you want to have your billing number changed, simply email your request along
  125. How do I recharge my Evo 3G Prepay Account
  126. When is my account balance deducted in Evo 3G
  127. How do I check my account balance for Evo3G
  128. How can I check my usage limit for My Evo 3G
  129. How can I change my Evo Prepay Package in 2011
  130. Can I change from Postpay Packages to any Evo Prepay Package and vice versa
  131. What if I switch to a postpaid package, when I still have balance valid in my Prepay
  132. Evo 3g balance in my Prepaid account and I want to switch to another prepaid Package
  133. What is the validity of Evo DayPass Package
  134. Rs.500 card valid for 5 consecutive days or subscriber can select any days of the mon
  135. What is the validity of Evo Lite Package
  136. What will be the charges in Evo Lite Package after the first 50 hours
  137. What is the validity of Evo Max Package
  138. When will my Package Activation Charges be deducted
  139. What is the billing cycle in prepay packages for evo 3g
  140. will I be charged for the time period I am not using the EVO Service
  141. When will I be billed for the service usage for Evo 3G
  142. What will happen if I have utilized my volume limit; with additional balance in my ac
  143. Where can I get the service for evo
  144. Where can I get personal support for evo 3G
  145. I'm having some trouble installing my EVO 3G
  146. Evo 3g I'm having connection problems
  147. Evo 3G usb My modem appears to be connected, but I cannot browse the Internet
  148. What if I want to temporarily block my EVO connection
  149. What if my Evo 3g device malfunctions? Can I claim a replacement
  150. What if my device is misplaced/stolen for 2011
  151. What if I am not satisfied with the service of Evo 3G? Can I claim a refund
  152. SUN-TV is now DWN (Digital Wireless Network) July 2011
  153. Ptcl Cleverly Increased Land-line Line Rent July 2011
  154. Telenor Pakistan continues to perform well in Q2 July 2011
  155. Ptcl offer Double Play Packages – Internet + Minutes July 2011
  156. Samsung Introduces “Virus Doctor” Air-Conditioners July 2011
  157. Scapehouse – New Way of Talking and Sharing July 2011
  158. Chairman PTA receives Best Regulatory Leadership Award jULY 2011
  159. Ptcl OFFER Ptcl Vfone: NON-STOP Package jULY 2011
  160. LG Electronics Launches 3D Cinema & Smart TV in Pakistan 2011
  161. Samsung Home Appliances awarded for excellence in “Global Customer Service” 2011
  162. Mobilink Jazz offer Apna Background Music Service 2011
  163. Nokia Launched Free Islamic and Ramadan Applications 2011
  164. PTCL Launched Broadband 50MB VDSL 2011
  165. PTCL Land-line – Lowest International Call Rates August 2011
  166. PTCL EVO Wi-Fi Cloud Massive Offer August 2011
  167. How to Secure a Wireless Network from Hackers 2011?
  168. How can i connect Bluetooth technology to laptop and cell phone 2011-12?
  169. Tips about DSL vs. Cable 2011-12
  170. latest Wireless Router Tips 2011-12
  171. PTCL Braodband Entertainment Portal – PTCL Buzz Upgraded 2011
  172. PTCL Islamic Service on eid al fitr 2011 in Pakistan
  173. PTCL ip allocation structure and strategy for Broadband in Pakistan 2011 is dynamic
  174. Rawalpindi board bise for Intermediate 2011 result will be announced after Eid
  175. PTCL Conference Call 3 in 1 in Pakistan available on 2011
  176. Kehdo SMS by PTCL on 2011-2012
  177. Telecommunication future in Pakistan for Telecom Engineer in 2011-2012
  178. GPRS Setting FOR ALL QMobile Handsets in Pakistan 2011
  179. PTCL Offer Smart TV Package – Bundle pakage 2011-12
  180. Qubee 3 Months Discount Offer September 2011
  181. PTCL launch his new service Cricket Info Service – 1216 -2011
  182. latest Smart TV bundled offer 2011
  183. Tenda Wireless Routers Getting Popular in Pakistan in 2011
  184. Nokia 701: Upgraded Version of Nokia C7 2011
  185. Wi-Tribe Net Nanny: Monitor Internet Usage price 2011-12
  186. Top 5 Weather Applications for Android
  187. PTCL Broadband Extra DSL Charge 2011
  188. Evo Device 3G for sale on cheap rate for Students online on 15 september, 2011
  189. PTCL 3G EVO Tablet Smartphone – Supports Both SIMS (Mobile & Vfone) 2011
  190. New D-Link Amplifi HD Media Router 2000 with USB 3.0 -2011
  191. New Wateen WiMAX Packages New Tariff November 2011
  192. how to increase a PTCL DSL Speed
  193. Broadband mega national package now offers unlimited download till 31st December 2011
  194. Broadband 50MB VDSL now in First time in Pakistan avaliable 2011-2012
  195. PTCL broad band packages price and detail in Pakistan 2011-2012
  196. how to get Evload Easy Recharge Evo wireless services 2011
  197. Does wateen usb provide signals all over the pakistan in 2011-2012
  198. PTCL Vfone is CDMA prepaid and postpaid customers package 2012
  199. PTCL Gives Free WiFi Modem with new connection to customer 2012
  200. wi-tribe offer live streaming offer in pakistan 2012
  201. how to get free mobile balnace with internet 2012
  202. PTCL Launches Smartphone EVODROID April 2012
  203. Wi-tribe Announced Trip to Skardu Winners name April 2012
  204. PTCL’s Landline Plus Packages detail April 2012
  205. Latest Kwick Provides World Category Regionally Produced GSM SIM Cards October 2012
  206. PTA order to close all night packages in Pakistan mobile company from 12am 20November
  207. Mobile services are close car trackers will not work for next 2 days in muharam 2012
  208. PTA has launched Stamp down on Illegal International Calls
  209. Pakistan (Punjab) All Cities Dialing Codes 2014
  210. Whatsapp Announced Voice Calls This Year 2014
  211. PTA Authorized 3G/4G Auction For Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone, And Zong 2014
  212. PTA & Ministry Of IT Organizing 3G/4G License Award Ceremony May 17 2014
  213. Eid Offer: Evo Wingle Offering 50% Saving On Pre Paid Or Post Paid Packages 2014
  214. No SIM to Be Sold Without Biometric Verification After August 1st, 2014
  215. How to check Online Balance of Telenor Jazz Ufone Zong Warid
  216. Lahore and Islamabad Railway Enquiry Phone Numbers
  217. Check Online Karachi Railway Enquiry Phone Numbers
  218. How To Convert Jazz Number to Warid
  219. calling on offnet numbers
  220. there a way to recover info from a dead phone?