View Full Version : Blessing in disguise

09-07-2011, 01:18 AM
Once a wealthy merchant was going home after selling his goods in the city. He had a large sum of money with him and had to long way. It was getting dark. So he spurred his horse to a gahop. He had not gong far when he was caught in a rain storm. The wind bled at a fierce speed and the rain fell in a storm to spend its force. He cursed the rain which had forced him to stand there in the cold night and shiver like an autumn leaf caught in the wind. After an hour or so, the rain stopped, and he started his journey once again. But a little farther, he found, his way blocked by a fallen tree. He reined in this horse. Suddenly a bandit appeared form behind a tree. With an old style gun in his hand, he approached the merchant and said, jump down form your horse and give me your purse, I need both the money and the horse. The merchant was a sturdy brave man. He jumped down and before the rogue could move a finger, took hold of him by the throat and with a powerful blow sent him flying in the air. But the next moment the man was up on his feet. He took aim and pulled the trigger. But it did not lire. He plied the trigger again but nothing happened. The powder had become wet by the rain. The bandit cursed the rain and took to his heels. Only then the merchant realized that the rain had been a blessing for him.