View Full Version : Greed is curse

09-07-2011, 01:20 AM
(A dog and his reflection)
Once a greedy dog went to a butcher’s shop and stole a big piece of meat and ran out of the town. He was hungry but he did not eat it immediately. He wanted to eat to eat it on reaching some lonely place. After a short time he reached a stream of clear water with a narrow wooden bridge over it. He began to cross the bridge. Suddenly he looked into the stream and saw his reflection in the clear water. But he was a foolish, greedy dog. He though that it was another dog with a bigger piece of meat in his mouth. “Why not snatch that piece, too,” he though, and barked fiercely. His meat fell into the stream. This made him more angry. He jumped into the stream to fight that dog. As soon as he hit the surface of the water, the other dog disappeared. He searched about madly till he was completely tired but he could find neither the dog nor the piece of meat. He now tried to jump out of the stream, but he was too tired to do so. The water was very cold and he could not keep his head a over it for long, and slowly he sank down to the bottom.