View Full Version : Pride hate a fall

09-07-2011, 01:32 AM
(All that glitters is not gold)
Once a stag felt thirsty and went to a stream of water. As he was drinking water, he saw his reflection in the clear stream. First he looked at his horns. They were beautiful and strong , and they glittered under the strong sun. he was captivated by their beauty. He forgot his thirst and stood there admiring them. Then his eyes wandered to his legs. They appeared thin, weak and shaky. What a pair of ugly I have. He thought. He was absorbed in these thoughts, when he heard the barking of hounds right at his heel. With a start, he sprang up and for his life. Soon he was at a safe distance, and he hid himself in a bush. But the hounds had lost his scent. They followed him and reached the bush. The stag jumped up fell back. His antlers had been caught in the bush. He struggled very hard but to no avail. He cursed his horns, but that did not. With a cry of triumph the hounds fell upon him and tore him to pieces.