View Full Version : It never pays to overreach oneself

09-07-2011, 01:39 AM
Once a miser lost his purse containing all his wealth, a hundred pieces of gold. He made frantic efforts to recover his money but all in vain. He was so perturbed over his loss that he lost all interest in life. He had no appetite for food. In a couple of days he became very weak and could not walk out of his house. A sympathetic friends advised him to offer a reward to anyone who might find and restore his treasure to him. After a good deal of hesitation the miser agreed his suggestion. He called a town crier and told him to announce in the city and its suburbs that a same of ten gold pieces would be given to the man who brought him his purse. After a few days, an old farmer came to the miser and gave him his lost purse. The miser at once opened the purse and counted his gold pieced. They were exactly one hundred. He thanked the farmer. The farmer demanded his reward. The miser answered, “you have already taken your reward. There were one hundred and ten gold coins in the purse. Now there are only one hundred.” The farmer became angry. He went to the court and put his grievance before the judge. The judge summoned the miser and asked him to answer the allegation. The miser gave the same answer which he had given to the farmer. The judge ordered him to produce the purse which the miser very reluctantly did. The judge examined it very carefully and gave his decision. He said that the purse had the capacity to hold only one hundred coins of gold, but the miser, s purse contained one hundred ad ten coins. So he declared that the purse could not be the property of the miser. He gave that purse to the farmer, because on one else claimed it.