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09-07-2011, 11:53 PM
The echoing green by William Blake, taken from his songs of innocence is a beautiful short poem black expresses the joy and innocence of the children’s early experiences of life. “The echoing green” begins with a short description of a grassy field on a warm day in spring. The sun shines brightly. The sky looks beautiful. Pleasant sounds of bells come from the nearby church. Songs birds sing cheerfully. The sounds of bell and the songs of the birds merge into a beautiful melody worthy of the season of spring. The old people of the village sit under the trees in the green while on the green young innocent children play their favouite games. The children are happy and excited. They have not yet tested the grief and disappointment that life will bring them later years. They are young and healthy. The beautiful village green, the birds and the spring are all theirs. The old people watch their children play happily on the green and thing of the happy days of their childhood. They, too, had played on the same green and had their share of joy and excitements which only young children can experience. Then the evening comes. Children grow tired. They return home to rest in the laps of their sisters and mothers. The village green is deserted and dark.