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09-07-2011, 11:55 PM
“The little girl found” by Blake is taken from his “Songs of Experience”. The poem expresses grief and pain which life brings to human beings Lyca is a little innocent girl. Her parents lose her. They think that she had lost the way home and wandering in some forest or desert. They go out to search for her. They are in great pain and misery. Their imagination brings them fearful pictures of their daughter dying of thirst and hunger in some pathless desert. Their search continues for seven days and seven nights. One morning they meet a large fearsome lion. They are terrified. The lion, however, does not harm them. He takes them to his cave where they find lyca asleep among the wild beasts. They decide to live there in the valley with their daughter and wild beasts. The poem is not a simple story of a girl lost and found. It has strange fairytale like atmosphere and can be explained in various ways. The most satisfactory explanation could be that Lyca is dead. Her parents cannot bear the loss of their child in grief and pain they waste away and die. Facing death is a terrible experience. But death(the tiger) proves kinds and reunites them with their daughter in the next world. Perhaps Blake wishes to say that fear and suffering are caused by ignorance. Man is ignorant of the true knowledge of real life. He cannot see beyond the common meaning of things. This brings him grief and suffering.