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09-07-2011, 11:58 PM
“The two April mornings” describes the feelings of a school master Mathew, when he sees a girl resembling his dead daughter. Mathew and the poet are going to the hills to pass a day in the company of nature. The day is pleasant and they walk happily by the beautiful streams. Suddenly Mathew stops and looks towards the eastern mountain top. He sees the bright red sun. A sigh of pain comes out of his mouth. The poet dose not understand why Mathew has suddenly becomes sad on such a pleasant morning. Mathew tells him that the could on the eastern mountain top has brought to him the memory of another day. An April morning thirty years before. On that day he visited the grave of his daughter. Although she was dead for many years, he had not been able to forget her. Then suddenly he saw a healthy young girl. She reminded him of his daughter. Then a sudden fear struck him. He felt that if he recognized the resemblance between his daughter and that girl with a basket on head she might die. He did not wish that any harm should come to her. So he told himself that there was no resemblance between the two.