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09-08-2011, 12:02 AM
The simple little poem described a meeting between the poet and a beautiful little woodland girl. The poet asks her how many brothers and sisters she has. She replies that they are seven sisters and brothers. On further inquiry. She says that two of her brothers live at Conway, two are sailors, one sister and one brother lie in their graves in the churchyard beside their cottage. The poet tells her than if two of them have died then they are only five sisters and brothers. But the little innocent girl does not agree with him. She insists that they are seven brothers and sisters. The little girl does not see death as adult people see it, as the final divide between the living and the dead. Her dead brother and sister have becomes an essential part of her memory and even death cannot make her forget them. Their green graves in a strange way strengthen her ties with them. She plays by the graves and sings a song to them. Her four bothers live very far from her but she dose not feel their absence. The dead sister and the dead brother are in a way less absent than the four bothers, for their graves are beside her cottage. She has not yet come to realize and accept the reality of death.