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10-10-2011, 05:18 AM
Character sketch of Mr. Chips
Mr. Chips, lovingly called Mr. Chips, is the central and character and hero of the novel. The novel is about Mr. Chips his life as a teacher his married life his life after retirement and finally his peaceful death. He is a typical character representing the class of people who uphold the traditions and convention established since long. He was a Brookfield himself.

Biography: The novel is nothing but an account of the experiences of Mr. Chips life. That is why it is often called a biographical novel. Mr. Chips was born in 1848. He graduated from Cambridge. He joined Melbery public school in 1869 at the age of 21. He worked there only for one year and then joined Brookfield public school in 1870. He proved his worth here. He married Katherine Bridges at the age of 48. His wife died two years later. He served Brookfield for a long period of 42 years. He retired in 1913, but again joined Brookfield in 1916. He finally retired from service in 1918. After his retirement he lived in the house of Mr. Wickett, opposite to school and remained in close contact with the school activities. He died in November 1933.
Not Ambitious: Mr. Chips was not very ambitious in life. His only aim was to become the second master in the school. He no lofty aims. He had an average degree which did not offer him much chances of progress in life. He had no private means nor important family connection to pull him up in life.
Devoted Teacher: Mr. Chips was very much devoted to his profession. He was diligent and dutiful. In spite of the fact that he had mediocre academic degree, he proved himself an efficient teacher. He liked his work at school and took great interest in it. He taught his classes regularly and with devotion. One day there was an air attack dring the war while Chips was taking a class. He went on teaching all through the attack.
Popular Teacher: He was respected and honoured not only by the students, their parents but also by his collegues. He produced love, self-confidence and sincerity in his students. His row with Ralston placed him at the top of his glory and he became very popular in Brookfield.
Friendly Relations: Mr. Chips had very friendly relations with other teachers and students. His attitude towards his students was really fatherly. All the students their parents and teacher liked him for his fine behavior. They all supported him when he had a quarrel with headmaster Ralston.
Genial and Humorous: Chips was a dry person before his marriage but his marriage with Katherine, his sense of humour developed. He knew how to make pleasant jokes. While teaching he made his students laugh. This made his teaching highly interesting. Students would ask him questions with a view to having some humorous answers.
His Generosity: Mr. Chips was very generous in his nature. He gave money to the needy persons. In his will he gave money to Mrs. Wickett and the school for opening a school scholarship. This shows his great love for his school. He also donated amounts to the Brookfield mission which ran the school.
Conventional and Old-Fashioned: Mr. Chips did not like modern trends. He did not favour modern ideas about the freedom of women. He adhered to the old customs and traditions. He never travelled under the influence of Katherine, yet at heart he remained a typical conservative.
Emotional and Bold: Mr. Chips was quite emotional. At the age of forty eight, he fell in love with Katherine Bridges much younger than him. He was also very bold person. When Ralston asked him to retire, he refused. He also refused to change his old methods of teaching. He frankely told others about his ideas and opposed others when they asked him to do anything against his will opposed others when they asked him to do anything against his will.
Imaginative and Loving: Chips was very imaginative person. He always lived in his thoughts about the past. He remembered his past clearly. He remembered his wife after her death and imagined how she used to talk and sing to him. He was also very faithful, good loving husband.

On the whole, Mr. Chips was a genial good-natured, affectionate man devoted to teaching profession considerate to others and humorous fellow. He was a nice gentleman loved and hunoured by the whole Brookfield.