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Please read the following instructions before attempting the solution of this assignment: Last Date: 24 Oct 2011

To solve this assignment, you should have good command over 01-08 lectures.
In order to solve this assignment you have strong concepts about following topics:
Introduction to Matrices
Echelon and Reduced Echelon Form
System of Linear Equation
Dependence of Sets

Try to get the concepts, consolidate your concepts and ideas from these questions which you learn in these lectures.

Upload assignments properly through LMS, No Assignment will be accepted through email.
Write your ID on the top of your solution file.

Dont use colorful back grounds in your solution files.
Use Math Type or Equation Editor etc. for mathematical symbols and equations.
You should remember that if we found the solution files of some students are same then we will reward zero marks to all those students. Therefore, try to make solution by yourself and protect your work from other students, otherwise you and the student who send same solution file as you will be given zero marks.

Also remember that you are supposed to submit your assignment in Word format any other like scan images, HTML etc. will not be accepted and we will give zero marks correspond to these assignments

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Sir I need solution for MTH 101 assignment #1 Fall 2011. Please help me in this regard.

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kabhi kuch khud bhi ker liya karo vu kay students

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ohh man , where is answer of MTH101 1st assignment solution?

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Q1 Solution


From the given equation slop of line is 5

Since Slop of perpendicular line =m=-1/5

and y intercept is= 6

By slop intercept form



10-21-2011, 06:53 AM
tel me that is correct

Find equation of the line which is perpendicular to the line

y= 5x+9 and has y-intercept = 6.

I think correct ansewr is

y=5x+9 is darivative w.r.t x



then slope of normal is m= -1/5

for normal equation is (y-y1)m =(x-x1)





this is normal equation

for parpandicular is



10-21-2011, 12:56 PM
Seems to be correct. But students should verify it.

10-22-2011, 12:56 PM
yes but may b some erro

10-22-2011, 12:58 PM
sen sloution
Assignment # 1

MTH603 (Fall 2011)

Total marks: 10
Lecture # 01-08
Due date: 26-10-2011

DON’T MISS THESE Important instructions:
Upload assignments properly through LMS only, (No Assignment will be accepted through email).
All students are directed to use the font and style of text as is used in this document.
In order to attempt this assignment you should have full command on
Lecture # 01 to Lecture # 08.
This is an individual assignment, not group assignment, so keep in mind that you are supposed to submit your own, self made & different assignment even if you discuss the questions with your class fellows. All similar assignments (even with some meaningless modifications) will be awarded zero marks and no excuse will be accepted. This is your responsibility to keep your assignment safe from others.
Above all instructions are for all assignments so may not be mentioned in future.
There are 4 questions in the assignment but only one question will be graded. However we are not mentioning that which question will be graded so you have to provide the solution of all 4 questions.
Solve the assignment on MS word document and upload your word (.doc) files only. Do not solve the assignment on MS excel. If we get any assignment on MS excel or any format other than word file then it will not be graded.
Assignments through e-mail are not acceptable after due date (If there is any problem in submitting your assignment through LMS, you can send your solution file through email with in due date). You are advised to upload your assignment at least two days before Due date.

Question#1 Marks 10

Find the real root of the equation by Bisection method.
Perform three iterations only.

Note: Take any interval in which roots of the equation lie.

Question#2 Marks 10

Use Regula-Fasli method to find the real root of the equation
Correct to four decimal places after three successive approximations in (-2,-1).

Note: All the calculation should be done in the radian mode only.

Question#3 Marks 10

Apply Newton-Raphson method to determine a root of the equation .
Correct to three decimal places using the initial approximation .
Only three iterations needed.

Note: All the calculation should be done in the radian mode only.

Question#4 Marks 10

Find the root of the equation by Second Method taking
as two starting values. Do three iterations only.

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xpert solve this assignment

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i know about it. you posted it in wrong forum.

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can somebody help me with MTH 101 Q no 2 solotuion

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can somebody help me with MTH 101 Q no 2 solotuion , has one solved it plz help

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What kind of difficulties you are facing? please mention it.

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yar baj do slution mth 603 ka

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you post it in wrong forum.

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yar mth101 or 301 ki assginment ka slosion chaye tha kai mill skta hy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....................//////////////////;

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mth301 ki tu assignment kisi nay post hi nahi ki yahan par woh kesay milay gi?