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10-16-2010, 08:26 PM
Welcome Note

Cost & Management Accounting (MGT402)

We welcome all the students of Cost & Management Accounting (MGT402) on the behalf of Virtual University of Pakistan. We hope that you all would enjoy nice time studying Cost & Management Accounting (MGT402) under Fall Semester 2010.
This subject demands your full concentration and attentiveness in each lecture. We recommend that if you properly listen to all lectures, read handouts , consult the recommended books and do some practice regularly then not only you can fulfill the objectives of this course but also generate good results. We are always here to help you in this regard.

You can post your questions related to the lectures on Moderated Discussion Board (MDB).

Moderated Discussion Board (MDB) is a platform for the students to put their questions related to current lessons. These questions will be answered by the course Instructor. It will remain open till the delivery of next lecture/s. Post your questions related to that Lesson. Do not post messages/comments here. For comments and discussions use your email facility mgt402@vu.edu.pk