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04-06-2012, 07:40 PM
Software Engineering-2 (CS605) assignment no 1 on 6th April 2012
Problem Statement:

Suppose we want to develop a mobile application for helping the people to query the information about available hospitals/clinics/emergency treatment centers in their cities. The mobile users will be able to subscribe the application and will query the required information through it. The following sections describe the application in more detail:

1. Vision

The application will help patients finding initial information about their disease including audio lectures and live chat with experts. Application will enable the patients getting the full details of available treatment facilities in the city along with the details of available physicians, their daily schedule, available treatments and campus addresses. Application will also help people in finding the emergency centers and blood banks (with the latest status of facilities available) in case of any emergency.

2. Background:

Large numbers of people lack the initial information about their diseases and face the problem of finding the best hospital for their medical treatment, as people normally don’t know about the available treatment centers, along with treatment facilities provided in these hospitals. Similarly people find it difficult to look for the specialized doctors/physicians of the diseases they suffer, particularly finding the specialist doctor/physician based on his/her experience and expertise. Things get worst in case of emergency e.g. in case when the blood banks need to be contacted for a particular blood group.

Many patients emphasized a general application accessible through their mobile devices that could guide them by providing the initial information about the disease they are suffering. Application should be able to provide the details of the available hospitals/clinics/blood banks/emergency centers for the treatment of diseases along with facilities available in these hospitals and their campus addresses. Application should also provide the details of the doctors/physicians in those facilities along with their daily schedule, experience and skills so that patients could select the one of their own choice. Application should be especially helpful in case of emergency so that people could get immediate information on time.

3. Major Features

FE-1: Interactive/Live chat with experts for patient disease related queries.

FE-2: Specialized hospitals/clinics for the treatment of disease along with their all possible contacts/addresses

FE-3: Details of specialized physicians/Doctors in each hospital/clinic and experience/background/specializations of each one.

FE-4: See the daily schedule of each doctor/physician.

FE-5: Information about available blood banks along with the available blood status and emergency centers in the city.

FE-6: Initial information about the disease including audio lectures.


The project is given to a small organization of 6-8 people (say CMM Level 2) and has been restricted to be delivered in 6 months. The main issue is that such application use is very limited in Pakistan and people don’t have much experience of using these types of applications, so, requirements elicitation may be challenging.


You need to perform the following tasks:

1) Suggest the life cycle model for developing this application
2) Reasons for selecting this model.
3) Expected tasks performed in each phase of this model.

Note: Be precise and concise, provide to the point details only, as irrelevant details will reward no grades.