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04-06-2012, 07:45 PM

Problem Statement: Online Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall Stores, has been doing the business of fast food, detergents, cold drinks, uniform, sweets and much more for the last four years. They have their own status in business firms and well known for their quality.
The main objective of this website is to sell the products worldwide and provide information about Shopping Mall. It offers a range of products biscuits, medicine, burgers, paints, sweaters, shoes, soaps and milk etc. They have a complete team of experts for managing products, imports and exports. The reason of this website is to attract more customers who are interested in buying these quality products and to give an overview of the organization and its efficiency.

This website will provide a complete catalog of the products. It will include online credit card transaction, feedback of the customers and an interface for the administrator to manage products, customers etc.

Considering the above scenario,

Question 1)
a) How Triple Constraints (Scope, time, and cost) will affect each others, in the context of the above scenario?
Question 2)
a) Write baseline for the scope. How changes required by the customer affect the triple constraint of the Project, keeping in view the discussed scenario.
b) What would be your approach for handling request changes (by considering three sizes of changes: low, medium, high) vis--vis at the beginning, half way and at final stages of the project, in the context of the above scenario. justify?