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05-16-2012, 03:35 PM
Rawalpindi board 9th class registration procedure 2012
SSE(CS) are IT teachers in all high school where they are having the Computer labs. Students of 9th class registration issue has been solved. All the schools of all boards including
1. Rawalpindi Board Computer science
2. Gujranwala Board Computer science
3. Lahore Board Computer Science
4. Multan Board Computer Science
5. Faislabad Board Computer science
6. DG Khan Board Computer science
7. Sargohdha Board Computer Science

Are going to have the login password from the board with instructions after 15th of May, 2012-05-15. So now IT teachers should upload the passport size photos of students along with online form. Which is the requirement from the board. So be careful. One more thing that this time they are not going to give plenty for any kind of mistake during the entering of students bio data.
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