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12-06-2010, 06:45 PM
Download the latest UBL internship report by a student. It will help all students. To get maximum marks. So don'w waste your time its just for an idea. Download and start working on it. Here you can see the content of the report. Which will help you to find out the attachment. So just check it out before you download.http://www.zrg.com/clientlogo/UBL.jpg

Contents of Report

Acknowledgment 3
UBL, where you come first 4
Consumer Banking
UBL Address 4
UBL BusinessLine 4
UBL CashLine 4
UBL Credit Cards 4
UBL Drive 5
UBL Money 5
Commercial Banking
Agriculture Products 6
Small Business Schemes 6
Investment and Saving Accounts
UBL Basic Banking Account 7
UBL Business Partner (Current Account) 7
PLS UniSaver 7
PLS UniSaver Plus 7
UBL Rupee Transaction Account (PLS Saving) 7
UBL UniFlex 7
eTransaction (Current Account) 8
UBL Profit COD 8
Complementary Services
Insurance Certificate 10
UBL Wallet VISA 10
UBL Orion 10
UBL Net banking 11
Humrah 11
UBL e-statement 11
My Learnings
Account Opening 12
Clearing of cheques 19
Demand Drafts 24
Pay Orders 24
Uni Remote 24
Security Deposit Receipts 25