View Full Version : How exams r conducted for overseas students

05-02-2010, 05:23 AM
Hi, I need to know how exams r conducted for Overseas students?
If online then where do they solve the Qs ,is there a possibility to write in the question paper?
Are they given any extra time , as I think it ll take more time to type then to write,especially for ISL n PAK ST?
Plz share your experience.

Exams for overseas students are conducted online. They will send you question papers by email and you have to send your papers also by email within a specfic time which is same as for students in pakistan i.e mid term 90 or 60 minutes and final term 120 or 150 minutes. There is no extra time for overseas students . because the students here in pakistan also type their answers in most papers however some papers are conducted as offline(only for students in pakistan ) but time duration for offline paper is less than online papers.