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07-17-2012, 04:46 PM
Enhance your WordPress with a live chat robot in 3 minutes or less. Boost online results like never before. It's simple, easy and FREE.........


Go anywhere and enjoy without worrying about your business. This clever robot will say Hello to the website visitors, answer their questions and turn them into buying clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Live DEMO on your site now - A live demo on your own website | Acobot (http://acobot.com/demo)

IMPORATANT: Acobot is designed to chat in English. The robot does NOT work with any other languages.

Benefits for your business website:

Reach more customers by offering 24/7 live support.
Delight them by eliminating wait times.
Give helpful answers when they have questions.
Increase customer satisfaction, reduce site abandonment, and optimize conversion.
In short, Acobot helps you win more customers.

Benefits for your personal website:

Impress your website visitors, effortlessly.
Keep them stay on your website (longer time on page).
Attract them to come back (more repeating visits).


NOTE: Install Acobot only if your website is in English.

Put this under plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins).
Go to Admin->Plugins and activate the plugin "Acobot Live Chat Robot."
Sign up at Free Live Chat Robot Plugin for WordPress | Acobot (http://acobot.com/wordpress) for an installation key.
Back to your website and provide the key.
Your website visitors can then start chatting with the robot immediately.

TROUBLESHOOTING: The chat widget doesn't show? Clean the cache of your WordPress!

What to do next? Log into Free Live Chat Robot. Live Help & Live Support Automation | Acobot (http://acobot.com) to:

Train your robot.
View chat log.
We recommend you to read the documentation at Help | Acobot (http://acobot.com/help) to get the most out of your robot.

Screen Shots


Download (http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/acobot.1.1.2.zip)