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08-10-2012, 11:10 PM
1. Introduction:
The constitution of 1973 of Pakistan was adopted on April 12, 1973. this constitution fully represent the ideology and democratic aspiration of the people of Pakistan and constitution is the supreme law of the land it is considered as an instrument by which a gov't can be run. it replaces the basic laws of the state. it determines the traits of the federal and provincial gov't is constitution is federal cum parliamentary in its characteristics.
2. Salient features of the constitution of 1973:
Following are the salient features of the constitution of 1973.
(i) Preamble:
Preamble means an introductory part of statue. it is not the part of the constitution. it is stated in it that sovereignty over entire universe belongs to Almighty Allah.
(ii) Federal from of Government:
The constitution of 1973 provide federal from of government consisting of four provinces of the central government of Pakistan.
(iii) Rigid constitution:
The constitution of 1973 is rigid because amendment procedure is not easy.
(iv) Bi-Cameral Legislature:
The federal legislature is bi-cameral consisting two houses. senate the upper house and national Assembly the lower house.
(v) Parliamentary from of Government:
Parliamentary from of government has been provided for the government in the constitution.
(vi) Fundamental rights:
The constitution guarantees fundamental rights. the fundamental right cannot be suspended without applying constitutional methods such can be enforced by the courts.
(vii) Direct Election:
Method of Direct election has been adopted in the constitution of 1973. the election of national Assembly and provincial Assemblies shall be held directly.
(viii) Independence of Judiciary:
An independence Judiciary has been provided in the constitution of 1973. Judiciary safeguards the fundamental rights of the people of Pakistan.
(ix) Rule of law:
Every citizen shall have the protection of law and shall not treated otherwise than in accordance with law.
(x) Official language:
In accordance with article 251 of the present constitution Urdu has been declared as national language of Pakistan but the official language is English.
(xi) Principles of Policy:
Another democratic feature of 1973 constitution is embodiment of Directive principles of policy of the state. the principles of policy provide guidance to the state.
(xii) End of Exploitation:
Exploitation of any kind has been abrogated in the constitution of 1973.
(xii) Single citizenship:
The constitution of 1973 provides single citizenship.
(xiv) System of Check and Balance:
The constitution of 1973 provides system of check and balance in the country.
(xv)Written Constitution:
The constitution of Pakistan 1973 is in written from and contained 280 clause and six schedules.
(xvi) Rights of minorities:
Rights of minorities have been protected in the constitution of 1973.
(xvii) Holding of Referendum:
The president of Pakistan is authorized to order for holding a referendum on any issue of national importance.
(xviii) Provincial autonomy:
The provinces of Pakistan enjoy full freedom under 1973 constitution. a province may initiate legislation on any common subject.
(xix) State Religion:
The constitution of 1973 declares that Islam would be state religion.
(xx) Islamic constitution:
The constitution of Pakistan 1973 is regarded as an Islamic constitution no law repugnant to Islam shall be enacted.
(xxi) High Treason:
The abrogation of the constitution through unconstitutional means is a high treason. it can not be abrogated by the use of force.
(xxii) Equal rights of Women:
The constitution of 1973 has given equal to women.
3. Conclusion:
To conclude, i can say that the constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan 1973 is democratic, parliamentary with bicameral legislature. it is the constitution of Elected people. all major political parties of Pakistan unanimously accepted it.