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08-14-2012, 01:41 AM
1. Introduction:
In the constitution of Pakistan 1973 the provinces have been made more powerful and independent. for each of the four provinces there is a provincial assembly. the provincial assemblies are playing their important role in the provinces.
2. Relevant provisins:
Art 106-128.
3. Formation:
Following are the number of members in provincial assemblies.
Total Provice General seats Women Minorities
371 Punjab 297 66 8
168 Sindh 130 29 9
124 N.W.F.P 99 22 3
65 Baluchistan 51 11 3
728 Total 577 128 23
4. Conditions for voting/electorate:
A person shall be entitled to votes:
(a) He is a citizen of Pakistan.
(b) He is not less than 18 years.(LFO)
(c) His name appears on electoral role for any area in the province.
(d) He is sound minded.
5. Qualifications for membership:
A person can be elected as member of provincial assembly:
(a) Sound minded:
He is sound mined.
(b) Education:
He should have Bachelor's degree recognized by high education commission.
(c) Age:
He should not be less than 25.
(d) Name in electoral roll:
His name should in electoral roll of the province.
(e) Not be insolvent:
He should not be insolvent.
(f) Citizen of Pakistan:
He should be citizen of Pakistan.
(g) Should not hold any office of profit:
He should not hold any office of profit in service of Pakistan.
6. Duration of assembly:
A provincial assembly shall continue for a term of 5 years from the day of its first meeting.
7. Method of election:
Members to provincial assemblies are elected by direct and free votes of the electors.
8. Presiding officer:
Speaker is the presiding of officer the provincial assembly. he is elected by the assembly in its first session.
9. Summoning and Prorogation of session:
The governor may from time to time:
(i) to summon the provincial assembly meet at such time and place as he thinks fit and
(ii) Prorogate the provincial assembly.
10. Sessions:
According to the constitution the provincial assembly shall hold at least two sessions in a year and interval between two sittings shall not be more than four months.
11. Quroum:
The assembly shall make all the decision by the majority votes. the quroum of the provincial assembly is one forth of the total membership.
12. Oath taking:
The members of provincial assembly take their oath of office before the speaker in a joint meeting.
13. Dissolution of assembly:
Governor may dissolve the provincial assembly if so advised by the Chief minister and president of Pakistan.
14. Privileges of members:
The members of provincial assembly are paid salaries and other allowances and free accommodation. they have full freedom of speech.
15. Powers and functions of provincial assembly:
Following are the main functions and powers of provincial assemblies.
(i) Legislation:
Provincial assembly holds full authority of legislation. it can pass the bills by majority. it can approve or disapprove an ordinance issued by the governor. the provincial assembly may legislate on those matter which are in the concurrent legislative list.
(ii) Executive:
Provincial assembly controls the executive and it is answerable to the assembly. provincial assembly elects its speak, deputy speaker and Chief minister the provincial cabinet is answerable to assembly. the government policies and performance are criticized on the assembly.
(iii) Financial:
Provincial assembly has full control over financial matter of province. The budget is laid before the assembly every years and it is discussed in detail in the assembly. no tax can be imposed without the approval of assembly.
(iv) Revocation of complaints:
The members of provincial assembly are the representative of the people. they discuss the main problems of the people in the assembly and solve them.
16. Restriction on discussion in a provincial assembly:
A Provincial assembly can not discuss the conduct of any judge of high court or supreme court of Pakistan in connection with discharge of his duties.
17. Right of governor to address the provincial assembly:
The governor may address the provincial assembly.
18. Right of Advocate general to speaker in the assembly:
Advocate general has right to speak in the provincial assembly.
19: Conclusion:
To conclude I can say that; Pakistan consists of four provinces which have their own provincial assemblies. provincial assembly is elected for the term of five years. they governor dissolve the provincial assembly. Provincial assembly is legislative institution for a province.