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08-15-2012, 08:34 PM
Q. Describe salient features of 1962 constitution. (2002-S) (2004-S) (2005) (2006)
1. Introduction:
The 1962 constitution was drefted by a term appointed by Ayub Khan. all work was done secretly and than all of sudden constitution was enforce in the country.
2. Constitution Of 1962:
The constitution of 1962 was enforced on June 8, 1962. This constitution was forcibly given to the people.
3. Salient Features Of 1962 Constitution:
(i) Written Constitution:
The constitution of 1962 consists of 250 section and 3 schedule. It was in written form.
(ii) Democratic Islamic Republic:
Pakistan was declared Democratic Islamic Republic.
(iii) Islamic Ideology Council:
The constitution of 1962 provided for the establishment of Islamic ideology Council.
(iv) Federal State:
The constitution of 1962 established a Federation of Pakistan with two provinces of East Pakistan and west Pakistan.
(v) Rigid Constitution:
The constitution of 1962 was a rigid constitution. The method of amendment was very difficult.
(vi) Fundamental Rights:
The constitution of 1962 grants certain fundamental rights to the citizens of Pakistan. these are basic human rights which cannot be taken away even by legislation in normal circumstances.
(vii) Referendum:
The constitution of 1962 has introduced a new institution of referendum.
(viii) Indirect Election:
Under the constitution of 1962 the method of direct election by adult Franchise has been abolished and method of lndirect Election was adopted.
(ix) Presidential Form of Government:
The constitution of 1962 provide presidential form of Government in the country.
(x) Preamble:
The objective resolution of 1949 was included as a preamble in the constitution of 1962.
(xi) Uni-Cameral:
The constitution of 1962 adopted single house parliament known as National Assembly.
(xii) Basic Democracies:
The new system of basic democracies was introduced in the constitution of 1962. the Elected Basic Democrats members constitution an Electoral College who elected the president.
(xiii) Independence of Judiciary:
The 1962 constitution gave many powers to the Judiciary and it recognized I independence of Judiciary.
(xiv) Rights of Minorities:
Minorities were given right and these rights were also protected by the constitution.
(xv) Islamic way of Life:
The Shrish was declared the basis for the legislative system of Pakistan. it was declared that Islamic way of life shall be adopted.
(xvi)Principles of Policy:
The principles of policy were incorporated int constitution 1962.
(xvii) National Language:
Urdu and Bangle were declared two national languages of Pakistan.
(xviii) Elimination of non-Islamic practice:
All those practices which were contrary to Islamic teaching such as gambling, prostitution, intimidation and adultery would be eliminated from the society.
4. Conclusion:
To conclude I can say that; the constitution of 1962 introduced a very important change in the governmental system of Pakistan. it had provide presidential form Govt. the method of election was indirect. it adopted principles of policy but this constitution was failed because it was against the wishes of the people.