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08-31-2012, 02:31 AM
Q. What is award as understood under the land acquisition act? what are the steps as land acquisition collector takes before making an award. (2000)(2001)(2003)
Q. What do you know about 'award by collector"? discuss its important ingredient.(2006)
Q. What steps are taken by the land acquisition collector before making an award explain. (2007)
1. Introduction:
The word award has not defined in land acquisition act. the land acquisition officer is in no sense a judicial officer. the proceeding before him can not be called judicial proceeding. he is empowered to make award under the land acquisition act. the jurisdiction of the collector is limited. he exercises the executive and administrative authority. the award cannot be enforced as decree of the court.
2. Meaning of award:
Oxford dictionary
Award is judicial decision.
3. Definition of award:
1988 CLC 715
Word award thought not defined in land acquisition act, yet is used, with reference to compensation for land acquired, both award made by collector and judgment passed by acquisition judge on reference by collector on such award are to be deemed award.
4. Contents of award:
Following are essential of the award.
(i) Area of land:
Measured and true area of the land is mentioned by the collector.
(ii) Amount of compensation:
Collector shall describe the amount of the compensation.
(iii) Division of compensation:
The share of persons of compensation shall be mentioned in the award.
(iv) Signature:
Collector should sign his award.
5. Procedure or steps taken by land acquisition officer before making award:
Following steps shall be taken by the land acquisition officer before making award.
(i) Preliminary investigation and hearing of objections:
The land acquisition officer will investigate the matter and hears the objections.
(ii) Declaration of intended acquisition land and order there upon:
Declaration of intended acquisition of land will be made and also collector shall make such order.
(iii) Notice:
Notice to the persons interested will be issued.
(iv) Power to require and enforce the making of statements as to the names and interests:
Collector has power to require and enforce the making of statement as to the names and interest.
(v) Enquiry and award by the collector:
The collector shall make enquiry as to the objection which has been raised by any person interested, after hearing of objection the collector shall make award.
(vi) Finality of Award:
Award would become final when filed in the office of collector.
6. Correction of mistake in aware:
Any arithmetical or clerical mistake can be removed by the.
(i) Collector himself or.
(ii) On application of any party.
7. Conclusion:
To conclude I can say that award is decision of land acquisition officer. it is made after following the procedure in the land acquisition act, any person interested who is not satisfied with award can seek remedy.