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Q. What changes have been brought about the Muslim family laws ordinance, 1961 regarding succession, polygamy and divorce. (2004)
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1. Introduction:
The Muslim family laws ordinance came into force on 15th July 1961. it extends to the whole of Pakistan and applies to all the Muslim citizen of Pakistan wherever they may be. it has brought many changes i.e restrictions have been imposed on a Muslim male for contracting during the presence of an existing marriage during the presence of an existing marriage. most of the changes are regarded unislamic.
2. Changes brought by Muslim family law ordinance:
I. Application:
The Muslim family law ordinance apply to the Muslims of Pakistan. it is not applicable to the Muslims of other countries. the distinction between the Muslims of Pakistan and the Muslims of other countries which is unislamic.
II. Succession:
Prior to the Muslim family law ordinance grand children had no shares in the property left by the grand father. but now the sec 4 of the ordinance creating an entitlement to succession in favour of the children of predeceased son or daughter.
III. Registration of marriage:
According to Sec. 5 of the Muslims family law ordinance make it compulsory that marriage shall be registered.
IV. Polygamy:
Sec. 6 the Muslims family law ordinance has placed restriction on a husband to contract another marriage without permission of the arbitration council alongwith the written permission of existing wife or wives.
V. Effectiveness of divorce:
According to sec. 7 divorce to be affective after the expiry of 9 days and that 90 days to be counted form the date of receipt of its notice to chairman.
3. Conclusion:
To conclude i can say that the Muslims family law ordinance has brought changes in the basic Islamic personal law of Islam. it is unislamic and against the article 20 of the constitution of Pakistan.