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Paper #1
31: What is the key difference between B2C and B2B.
Business-to-Business (B2B): electronic market transactions that take place between organizations
Business-to-Consumer (B2C): retailing transactions with individual shoppers – typical shopper at
Amazon.com is a consumer
32: According to Section 25, Explain CPS? 5
Under Section 25, each certification service provider shall prepare a Certification Practice Statement (CPS) as prescribed by the regulations of the Certification Council. CPS would be a policy document of the certification service provider, which would be filed along with the application for grant of accreditation certificate. A copy of the certification practice statement shall be maintained at the office of the Certification Council and shall be open to public inspection. Subject to any regulations made by the Council, a CPS would normally include information for persons adversely affected by a wrong/false certificate, the extent of liability, policy about suspension or revocation of certificates etc. page#171
33.What is meant by “1973 is the supreme law of the country”?
1973 is the supreme law of the country, which means that every other law in Pakistan has to confirm to the terms of the constitution page#165
34. advandtages of e-business
Advantages of E-business
Some of the major advantages of an e-business as compared to a traditional business are as under:
1. Personalized service
2. High-quality customer service
3. No inventory cost
4. Worldwide reach of the business
5. Electronic catalogues (convenient and quick transaction)
6. Bulk transactions
7. Improved supply chain management page#125
35. section 3
Section 3 of the ETO provides:
“No document, record, information, communication or transaction shall be denied legal recognition,0
Admissibility, effect, validity, proof or enforceability on the ground that it is in electronic form and has not been attested by any witness”. Page#164
36. What do u know about product and supplies activities and also define strength and weakness analysis 5marks
While judging the strengths of a business, questions can be asked such as what does a business do well?.Does it have a sense of purpose and culture to support that purpose? While judging weaknesses of a business questions can be asked as to what does a company do poorly?. Has it any serious financial liabilities?. Has it got the required skilled manpower?
37circuit level firewall 5marks

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