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03-25-2011, 10:46 PM
Write an essay on Uses of Electricity 25-03-2011
Electricity is so commonplace a thing these days that we seldom think of how
It has revolutionized our world. Electricity is the power that has replaced steam.
Before the use of electricity. Machines were run with the energy obtained from
Coal or fuel oil. But electricity has made the working of machines cheaper and
Easier. Man is saved from burning his face before the blazing fire or staining
His clothes with the fuel oil. We have merely to switch on the button and the
Electric Gianni is at work. We daily use this power in our houses. It moves
Our fans in summer and heats our rooms in winter. It gives us light when
We need it. The electric cookers have saved us from the smoke of oil
Stoves. The refrigerators keep the perishables fresh. It runs huge workshops
And industries. Without electricity, things could not have been manufactured
On a large scale. In a big factory we are amazed to see the working of machines
At the mere pressing of a button. It is, no doubt, a marvel. It has also improved
Greatly the system of communication. The modern swift means of correspondence
And travel own their existence to this branch of science. It has made possible the
Transmission of not only sound but also pictures which are flashed from thousands
Of miles and seen on screens of the television. The teleprinter types most accurately
What is dictated to it through electric waves. These inventions have helped to change
The world into a global village. No country is isolated News can travel all over the
World in no time. Medical science has greatly profiled from electricity. The formerly
Incurable diseases are now diagnosed and treated by machines run by electricity.
Electricity has put us on the road to progress. It is used almost in every field. It
Dose every thing from the simplest job of lighting our houses to working gigantic
Machines. Its use and scope are unlimited. Of all the modern discoveries. We are
Most indebted to electricity which has made hundreds of inventions possible.