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03-26-2011, 04:16 PM
There are innumerable scientific inventions which are useful in one way or
Another. But there are some which are exceptionally useful for all people.
Such inventions have brought comfort and entire mankind and improved
The standard of living. One of the most useful scientific inventions is the electric
Bulb in early times man used to light oil-lamps at night. The lamp gave out dim light
And could not remove the unversed darkness that prevailed at night. With the sunset
Life would come to a stand-still. But the bulb has changed all this. It illuminates our
Houses, streets, villages and cities. It enables scholars as well as laborers to work
Till late at night. It has also made roads safe for night travel. It has almost removed
The disjunction between day and night. Then there is the radio in this vast world
Events take place rapidly. The radio keeps us informed about the happenings all
Around the globe it transmits programmers which add to our knowledge. Its unity
As one of the best means of education is undoubted. It provides recreation in many
Ways. It has greatly helped in brining the people of the world together. The printing
Machine is another useful invention. It is due to this invention that counties newspapers
Magazines and books are published everywhere. We have news from all places, stories
Of all kinds and books on all subjects. The books of writers, thinkers and poets. Whether
Ancient or modern are available everywhere in the world of today the printing press is
Playing the most important role in spreading knowledge. Lastly, there is the airplane
It has recited physical distances. An airplane takes off from Karachi and lands at the
London airport after a few hours, carrying with it passengers, cargo and letters. In
More recent times, supersonic. Jumbo jets have been built which travel faster than
The speed of sound. The invention of the existing means of transportation. These are
Some of the useful scientific inventions. They have made our lives very comfortable
Richer and more enjoyable.