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03-27-2011, 09:02 PM
Education is the acquisition of knowledge and experience, and travelling is
One of the best ways of discovering new things and receiving new impressions.
The education value of travelling has been recognized in every society. In ancient
Times the travelling who went to far off and unknown lands were greatly honored.
They are the people who extended the frontiers of knowledge. Travelling as a means
Of education has many important advantages. In the first place, it combines study
And pleasure. Our world is a vast and beautiful place and it is inhabited by different
Nations and races. It is through travelling that one gains intimate understanding of
The vast world of men. It gives one an insight into the nature of man. The costumes
May differ, the languages may vary. But the man is the same everywhere. Today when
The world is in the grip of conflicts and wars of every description, we need this
Understanding and insight more then ever. Books, no doubt, bring us the knowledge
Of the East and the West. But they do not satisfy all of our curiosity. A whole book
About Taj Mahal will not gratify and fascinate the mind as a single hour spent in
That enchanting miracle of architecture will. Travelling not only brings knowledge
But also plays an important part building up one, s character. A man who leaves
His city or country and travels in other lands has to depend on his own resources.
He meets new situations every day and faces new problems. His mind becomes
Receptive and his senses sharp and alert: and nothing escapes his notice. He
Sis his own master. This gives him self-reliance and self-confidence. The knowledge
And the experience we acquire through travelling is personal and first-hand. It
Becomes a permanent part of our minds. It cannot be forgotten. In our age, the
Means of communication have made travelling easy comfortable and pleasant.
Students should be encouraged to travel, at least, in their own country. This
Will create a sense of unity among the people of various regions. They will
Come to know and love their land.