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04-02-2011, 10:27 PM
A snake charmer, in his loose and somewhat dirty clothes and with a big turban
On his head, is a familiar entertainer in our towns and villages. He carries with
Him small baskets full of various kinds to snakes. He rooms from village to village
And street to street showing his snakes to eager crowds. Wherever he finds a suitable
Place he puts his baskets on the ground and begins to play on his been people gather
Round him in a circle and wait for the opening of the baskets. He will first give a lecture
On snakes and their characteristics. Then he will speak in praise of his teacher who had
Taught him the difficult art of catching dangerous snakes. He will also recount some of
His adventures with snakes. When he thanks that his audience have been duty impressed
With his lecture, he picks up his been and plays on it for a few minutes. Then he opens
His baskets one after the other, after shaking them to awaken the snakes. They being to move in the basket and after a minute or two come out of it. The charmer begins t play on
His been and rock from side to side in a sort of ecstasy. He picks up his snakes one by
One telling their names and narrating stories about them. Then he opens a big black cobra
Comes out of it. It raises its head and begins rocking from side to side, seemingly fascinated by the music of the charmer, s been. As the been grows shriller, the charmer
Moves his hand with a quick jerk. The been begins its music once again. The charmer
Is looking out for a chance. This time he is quicker than before and catches the cobra
From behind its head before it can strike. The people clap and throw small coins before
The charmer to acknowledge his skill.