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04-13-2011, 05:13 PM
A typical Pakistan village is a remote place showing very little sing of
Modern progress and development. It consists of mud houses with a
Mosque and a few other houses built with red bricks and cement.
Narrow paths and lanes wind through it. It has no connection with the
Other villages or towns except a small track which, in rainy season
Becomes muddy and impassable. Sanitary conditions are hopeless .
Dirty water runs everywhere in the lanes and breeds mosquitoes. It is
Only natural that diseases like influenza, cholera and dysentery kill
Hundreds of people every year. The population of a village consists
Of farmers and a group of artisans like carpenters, blacksmiths,
Shoe-makers etc. the main occupation of the majority of the people
Is to grow food and other necessary crops. Most of their time is spent
In trying to get enough food from there land. They rarely, if ever, go
To large cities. They have few requirements and the nearest market-town
Can supply their needs. They also sell their surplus wheat, rice and other
Commodities there. The villagers are dependent on climate and rains. A
Good timely monsoon means prosperity and happiness. But when there is
No rain, or more than what is good for crops, they are ruined, for all they
Have is their land and the crops it grows. When the crops fail, the money
Lenders prosper. The villagers are hard workers. Men and women both
Work in the fields while the children look after the cattle. Their life is
A life of struggle and poverty. But struggle and poverty have not dampened
Their spirits. Our folk songs and rural romances show the courage and gaiety
Of the villagers.