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02-02-2013, 12:44 AM
Cm Punjab of Pakistan is providing the 9th class to 1st year free solar batteries you may get the info about them below.

Due to prolonged load shedding in the province, Chief Minister Punjab decided to facilitate low income people of Punjab with Solar Home Solution (SHS) systems. Through this program, Government of Punjab also intended to create awareness amongst the general public for use of Alternate Energy Resources to reduce dependency on the national grid and improve environmental conditions of the province. Energy Department invited Expressions of Interest (EOI) from Entrepreneurs /Companies/System Integrators / Joint Venture (Manufacturer and Local partner) through advertisements published on websites of Energy Department & PPRA Punjab and national newspapers on 15.08.2012 for supply of Solar DC standalone as Solar Home Solution (SHS) system having following salient features:

Solar PV 30Wp

Battery 12 V, 30 Ah SLA Gel type Battery

Battery charger

LEDs 3x5 W each of 100 lumens

Charge Controller 10 A with LVD (Low voltage disconnect)

Load Limitter

DC Wires with LED Holders

Mobile Phone Charging facility

System Autonomy 3 days

Reverse Polarity protection provision

Last date for submission of EOI was 31.08.2012. Sixty Five (65) EOIs were received to the office of Director Projects, Energy Department. All interested companies were invited on 04.09.2012 for consultative discussion before inviting the bids. EOI evaluation was carried out as per predefined approved selection criteria and results of evaluations were presented before the Evaluation Committee for final approval. The company securing 65 marks or above was considered a prequalified firm for issuance of Tender Documents. Only 14 companies were declared qualified. All the non successful companies were given a chance to plead their grievances before the Grievances Redressal Committee (GRC). 17 companies approached the GRC which met on 14-09-2012 and declared only one company as qualified. Bidding documents were issued to 15 prequalified bidders and pre-bid conference was held on 22-09-2012. Last date for submission of bid was extended to 29-09-2012 on the request of a majority of the bidders. Only three companies, Solartech (Pvt) Ltd., ZTE Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, and Dawood Lawrancepur Ltd submitted their bids. The Technical Proposals submitted by the companies were opened and Financial Proposals were kept in sealed envelopes. Technical evaluation of bids was done by the committee. The prototypes submitted by the companies were sent to Prof. Dr. Waqar Mahmood, Convener of the Prototype Evaluation Committee nominated by Government of the Punjab vide Notification No:SO(CONSERVATION)(ED)4-26/12 dated 08.09.2012. Committee for Prototype evaluation made following observations:-
The three prototypes were inspected and found to be substandard as compared to the specifications provided. They all do not comply with the specification and therefore stand rejected. We recommend that the companies submit the prototypes again that are compliant to the specification.

It may also be noted that:

1. Battery is missing from the ZTE package

2. One LED light is also missing from the ZTE package

3. The panel rating of the ZTE package is also close to 10 W instead of 30 W.

4. Mounting frame for the Solar Tech panel is missing.
Competent authority allowed the bidders to resubmit their prototypes compliant to specifications. All the bidders on an affidavit allowed the Director Projects to open their Financial Bids on the condition that their bids would stands automatically cancelled in case their prototype was not found to be compliant to specs. Financial bid of Dawood Lawrancepur Ltd was returned as it was unable to provide 200000 SHS to the department within scheduled time.GRC also rejected his request during hearing on 18-10-2012.
Both the other companies resubmitted their prototypes to the energy department which were sent to the Prototype Evaluation Committee again. Report of the Prototype Evaluation Committee received on 22-10-2012 is attached with this document. According to the report, both the prototypes have been found to be non-compliant to the specifications. According to the bidding documents, bid merits rejection in case the prototype is not compliant to the specs. A high level committee of Energy Department, considering all the aspects of the case, has decided on 25-10-2012 to abort the bidding process, directing the Director Projects to invite fresh bids from the 15 pre-qualified companies, aborting the process.

Updates for Solar Home Solutions:

List of Qualified Companies for Solar Home Solutions (http://energy.punjab.gov.pk/downloads/Final%20list%20of%20qualified%20company.pdf) (14.09.2012)

Extension of Date for Bid Submission of Solar Home Solutions (http://energy.punjab.gov.pk/downloads/SHS%20date%20extension.pdf) (22.09.2012)

(http://energy.punjab.gov.pk/downloads/Tentative%20List%20of%20Beneficiaries%20of%20SHS.p df) District wise List/Nos of 10th Class Beneficiary Students Except (Lahore, Kasure, Okara, Sheikhupura and Nankana Sahib) (http://energy.punjab.gov.pk/downloads/Tentative%20List%20of%20Beneficiaries%20of%20SHS.p df) for SHS

Clarifications of the Questions Raised by the Prequalified Companies/Firms During the Pre-Bid Conference for SHS Held on 22.09.2012 in the Committee Room of Energy Department, Punjab-Lahore (http://energy.punjab.gov.pk/downloads/CLARIFICATIONS.pdf)

Following three firms have submitted their bids:

ZTE Pakistan Pvt. Limited.

Solar Tech.
Dawood Lawrencepur Ltd.

Evaluation of bids/prototypes are under process.

Meeting of Grievances Redressal Committee for Solar Home Solutions (http://energy.punjab.gov.pk/downloads/SHS%20GRC%20Second.pdf) (15.10.2012)

Decisions of Grievances Redressal Committee held on 18.10.2012 (http://energy.punjab.gov.pk/downloads/SHS%20second%20meeting%20decisions.pdf) (19.10.2012)

Amendment in Tender Document of SHS System (http://energy.punjab.gov.pk/downloads/Amendment%20in%20Technical%20Specification%20for%2 0SHS%2003112012.pdf) (03.11.2012)

Minutes of Meeting - Steering / Procurement Committee Meeting (http://energy.punjab.gov.pk/downloads/MOM%20STEERING%20COMMITTEE%2010.11.2012.pdf) (10.11.2012)

Decisions of Grievances Redressal Committee held on 14.11.2012 (http://energy.punjab.gov.pk/downloads/minutes%20of%20meeting%20-%20grievances%20redressal%2014.11.2012.pdf) (14.11.2012)

Evaluation of the Technical Part of the Bids for SHS System (http://energy.punjab.gov.pk/downloads/Evaluation%20of%20the%20Technical%20Part%20of%20th e%20Bid%20for%20SHS%20Systems.pdf) (22.11.2012)

The Evaluation of prototype was received from the Prototype Evaluation Committee from UET and the prototype of ZTE Pakistan Pvt. Ltd. was declared as compliant to the specifications where as the prototype submitted by Dawood Larancpur Ltd. was declared unsuccessful.

The contract has been negotiated with the company and signed between the Energy Department and the Company on 11.12.2012.

LC has been opened in the Bank of Punjab.
Training Schedule for Masters Trainers by the Company has been finalized with the Company and the first training at Division Lahore is scheduled to be held on 28.12.2012.

The lists of School Teachers to be trained through Master Trainers is under process by the Education Department.

Strategy for Media Campaign has been developed and the matter is under process with the Information Department

The matter for Computer Data Base, Inventory Control and Complaint Redressal Mechanism is under process with the PITB.

First Consignment of SHS is excepted in first of January, 2013.