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05-09-2011, 06:41 PM
Wordpress slider features and customization for 2011
Lets see them in detailed.
Search Engine Optimized Slideshowhttp://www.cdmessenger.com/imgs/features_search.jpg
Fully Customizable CSS
Choose Posts, Pages and now images from Media Library (from ver 2.3) as Featured Posts/Pages/Media on Single Click
Simple but Decent Slideshow
Customized Slideshow as per your WordPress Theme
No Need Of Knowledge of PHP, HTML or CSS. But for those having knowledge of CSS, can have multiple settings for the slider on different pages of the same WP site.
Easy To Install Plugin
Premium Support Available
Readable by search engine as you can see the screenshot on Lynx browser available on our blog
Option for transparent background, so that rounded corners can be supported
Slider Preview in admin panel
Can be converted to pure image Slider
Facility to put Custom Images in place of navigation numbers
WordPress Internal Image cropping feature used, so no need of any external PHP script to crop the images. You just need to select the width of the thumbnail image.
Pick image from custom field, from "Featured Post" (Post Thumbnail feature), from post/page attachment, or from content. As well you can set priority in which you wish to search the image for the content.
The posts/pages/media library images added to the slider can be re-ordered
You can explicitly specify the link to which any particular slide should be redirected to once clicked. As well, you can specify if you do not want any particular slide to be linked to any webpage.
A template tag to display Category specific posts on Smooth Slider
A template tag for WPMU, to get slider posts from all over the WPMU site
Option to change Read More text and also put it in your language
Permission setting option to restrict the users from adding posts to Smooth Slider
Remove posts and pages from Smooth Slider selectively or remove all the posts from the slider at one go from the settings page itself
Option to retain specific html tags in the slider posts
Option to specify custom text or html in place of navigation numbers or buttons
Smooth Slider complete uninstall on plugin Delete