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06-17-2011, 03:03 AM
Technical education means specialized training in the fields of technology, industry or mechanics. Its aim is to provide instruction and training in skills that have a practical and immediate utility. It is not concerned with the spiritual, moral intellectual and cultural aspects of personality. Its aim is to train skilled and efficient workers -engincers, mechanics and builders etc. the engincers, builders and mechanics are the most useful and essential section of an industrial society. Ours is an age of industry and mass production. In our part of the world where industrialization is just beginning the need for technical workers is all the more pressing. Even agriculture which has been out our major occupation, will not prosper if modern ways of cultivation are not employed. It is possible only if our farmers are trained to use agricultural machines. Thus they will be able to do more work in less time, and give their bent backs a well-deserved rest. Technical education is not only necessary ; but also the only answer to the problems of our expanding economy. It produces doers and workers; and the workers not clerks and idlers, are the people who make real and important contribution to the welfare of society Naturally society must honour them and pay them better wages. Unfortunately, we have not appreciated the changing circumstances. Our young men still hanker after office jobs. They hesitate to learn practical skills and dislike working in factories. But the offices are full and there are only a few white-collar jobs available every year. If all the young men are to be employed in useful work they must shed their prejudice against manual work. Society must also learn to respect those who works with their hands for its material welfare. It should know that technical education is of vital importance for the countries of the third world who are struggling to enter the industrial age. Our educationsists have realized the need for technical education. More and more technical institutions should be established if we want our country to progress and prosper.