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06-21-2011, 04:35 PM
A few days back I had to go to Lahore. I reached the bus-stand and boarded a bus. After a little while the bus started and we were on our way to Lahore. It was a new bus with good, cushioned seats. It was packed to capacity. There was not much traffic on the road. The diver was going a bit fast: we were covering the distance speedily. We were some twenty miles from our destination when we met with an accident. Our diver was overtaking another bus when suddenly a tonga appeared in front. It had come from a by-path and was croosing the main road. The tonga driver tried to stop the horse but he could not. Our diver cursed aloud in a shrieking voice. We held our breath and waited. It world have been a head-on collision with the tonga but our driver did not lose his wits. He turned the steering wheel to the right and applied the brakes. The bus went off the road and struck against a tree. There was a great hue and cry among the passengers. Some of them were hurt. One of them received serious injuries and fell unconscious l luckily escaped with some bruises. We were fortunate as the bus had not over-turned. The other bus had stopped. Its passengers ran to our bus and helped us come out of it. The man who had received serious injuries was laid on the ground. The driver of the other bus opened his first aid box and bandaged his wounds . then he, along with others, lifted the man, put him in the bus and rushed to Lahore for medical aid. Our driver, too, had received some injuries but not of serious nature. Most of us were . we also give first and to those who had received minor injuries, but there was nothing to worry about them. After some time a police party arrived there. The in charge of the party took statements of the driver and some of the passengers. He also drew a map of the site, and completed other formalities. In the meantime, a bus of the same company had arrived from: Lahore. We boarded that bus and reached Lahore.