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CS101 Introduction to Computing Principles Subjective Solved Question

Question 1 (Marks 5)
In an organization having hierarchical structure, higher management plays very vital role for the organization. Provide the designation description of the higher management personal of an organization with their responsibilities and abilities.


Top-level management is also known as senior management or executives and hold titles such as:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO),
Develop strategic plans, make decisions for entire firm. They are master strategists.

Chief Operational Officer (COO) or Senior Vice President
Controls and concerned with sale, marketing and production etc.

Board of directors,
Establish policies and appoint or select the Chief executive of the firm.

Provides corporate leadership.

Vice president,
Report to president or CEO and commands the overall business, can be vice president of finance, marketing, IT etc

Question No.2 (5 Marks)

Explain how a relational DBMS deals with the object oriented data and what is the drawback of RDBMS in handling such data?


RDBMS software are developed using object oriented technique which allows, creating, modifying and querying the relational database.

DRAWBACK: the main drawback is wastage of time in translating the codes as, when we try to store the object-oriented data into RDBMS we have to translate it into suitable form for RDBMS and to read and use that data this RDBMS data has to be translated back into object-oriented form.

Question No.3 (5 Marks)

In comparison with old modes of presentation, the current multimedia mode of presentation has some advantages over them. Describe any five advantages of using the multimedia mode of presentation.


Advantages of multimedia mode of presentation are as follows:

Last minute changes can be done easily.
Having sound, animation and videos
Easy to store and recall, by storing the main points or idea.
Everything is electronically transmitted.
Having Undo option which promotes experimentation and innovation.
More attractive and understandable than older modes of presentation.
Question No.4 (5 Marks)

Suppose a developer has to write pseudo code for a software project. Suggest any five tips to write it in better way.


Following are five tips to write Pseudo Code for a software project in better way:

1. Declare the array that will be used for storing the words

2. Prompt the user and read the user input into the elements of the array

3. Now write the array to the document

4. Sort the array

5. Write the sorted array to the document.

Question No.5 (5 Marks)

As a database administrator, name any three techniques you can use to restrict the unauthorized access to your database.


This problem can be managed by using appropriate security mechanisms that provide access to authorized persons/computers only Security can also be improved through:


Private or virtual-private networks


Intrusion detectors

Virus detectors

Question No.6 (3 Marks)

Write any six string HTML wrapper methods.


Following are the six string HTML wrapper methods:








Question No.7 (5 Marks)

Differentiate onFocus and onBlur.


onFocus & onBlur:

onFocus executes the specified JavaScript code when a window receives focus or when a form element receives input focus

onBlur executes the specified JavaScript code when a window loses focus or a form element loses focus

Question No.8 (3 Marks)

Describe the aspect of web design which plays important role in providing the relevant stuff from a website in minimum time.


Website Navigation:

The interface/controls that a Website provides to the user for accessing various parts of the Website

It probably is the most important aspect of the design of a Website

Question No.9 (2 Marks)

Just name the errors which can occur on:

1) Executing the statement:

X= y-/z

2) Accessing a non existing variable.


1) Executing the statement: X= y-/z

ANS Syntax Error

2) Accessing a non existing variable.

ANS Run-Time Error

Question No.10 (5 Marks)

Every organization is based on some type of organizational structure. Briefly describe the organizational structure which has more preference over others.


Preferred Organizational Structure for organization is hierarchal. Where there are different departments interlinked with each other and are been divided according to the functions they perform

Question 11 (Marks 2)

There are many useful Neural Network Paradigms. Define the most popular Neural Network Paradigm.


Many useful NN paradigms, but scope of today's discussion limited to the feed-forward network, the most popular paradigm

Feed-forward Network:

It is a layered structure consisting of a number of homogeneous and simple (but nonlinear) processing elements

Question 12 (Marks 2)

Distinguish the terms World Wide Web and internet.


The World Wide Web

A huge resource of info

Logically unified, but physically distributed

It is unlike any previous human invention:

It is a world-wide resource, important to all and shared by all of the people in the world

Internet is where I am having exam now it provides access to the rest

of digital world e.g:- world wide web