View Full Version : PTA Announce to get ur sim on ur own name with biometrics of mobilink 2015

01-20-2015, 01:49 AM
Get your self verified with mobilink biometrics system which is nassasry to run your sim no in Pakistan. If yout don't do this your sim will be not working any more.

I call to the mobilink customer care 111 and talk to operator where i ask this question.
Q) How do i get my sim with mobilink biometrics system.
Answer) Customer care mobilink guided me that you can do it with 3 ways. One you can go to our Business center there mobilink customer care in mobilink business center do it free of charge. They will take ur id card and then finger prints to the biometrics machine after that your sim will be varified. Second way you can go to franchise and they will do the same thing but for Computerized National Identity Card verification they will charge you 10 rupees. Third you can go to a shop where they do have the mobilink biometrics machine they will do as the Franchise of Mobilink did. So you have to pay 10 rupees.
So get hurry and verify your new and old sims before PTA disconnect your no from the Network in 2015.