View Full Version : Virtual University MCS, MIT Final project guideline for fall 2011

07-28-2011, 08:36 PM
Virtual University MCS, MIT Final project guideline for fall 2011
Virtual University Students Don't know about the final project. Let us guide you about your final project. It contains 6 credit hour. That's mean you are having 2 semester. Some people think that they will complete it in one semester in final as they are allow to take 6 credit hour. It is wrong. Let me clear them that it is not possible. So they have to take it now.
Group member in project: In final project student can make group up to 2 members only. So if you are going to chose the group you should be careful about it. I will let you know more about group in my next post.
Number of phases: When you take a project then it is going to be deliver in no of phases and the no of phases in each project are 5.
Difference between phases and deliverable: Phases contain the no of deliverable. Which means when you send the first deliverable like SRS second Planing and methodology and third phase contains two deliverable like Design phase 1 and design phase 2. So each time you upload your assignment to LMS for your project CS619 it is called deliverable.

Important note for project: We are offering project Groups. Please let us know or email us for your upcoming final project. We will provide you the project member who feel difficulty. So let us know.