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Adnan Arif

Assignment No: 02

Introduction: My name is Adnan Arif and my family caste is Jutt Baseer. I was visited my own village Mughal pora District of Sialkot province Punjab.
Number of women interviewed: I was directly interviewed from 3 women participating in agriculture sector and they all belong to different caste.
Age of women: I was interviewed 3 women and the age of these women is approximately fall on 29 to 44 and they all are married.
Performed in agriculture sector: I was interviewed 3 women and they were performed activity in agriculture sector on rice production, crop production, cotton or tobacco production and dry food like peanut and many more.

1. What kind of activities you perform usually in agriculture (production,
harvesting, supporting activity (which type of support) or any other)

Agriculture production is consists of crop production ,wheat production or tobacco production ,sugar cane production and many more activities .The supporting work is normally women seeding in land and then men is also help her .At the end women again performing major role in cutting of these harvesting.
2. How do you participate in agricultural activities (directly or indirectly, probe
to get details)?

Normally we have participated in agricultural activities directly and indirectly both situation. If we are performing or any work which is related to labor such as cutting crop or cotton, wheat, rice, sugar can or water supply to fields and distribute seed in land for production these process is called direct performance. On the other hand if we appoint some men or women for production purpose ,care of animal and field , advice for production process to farmer , give loan or land to poor farmer for production all these activity is called indirect performance.
3. Do you think that your efforts are properly recognized by your house
members and people around? (Ask in details)

= In this question my point of view and interviewed report the answer is that women and men is performing a specific task in agriculture. iMore over men is higher in agriculture department through government before couple of year women is also interested in agriculture department and she guide easily to un-educated women to get loan and other policy .
4. Highlight various problems which you may face in performing agriculture
activities in your area (need a women perspective).

According to my interviewed there is many problem which is facing to rural women in agriculture sector .First of all in rural area women get married in very early age normally 17 to 19 and she has a lot of problem facing for example she work in house (cooking ,family care ,house cleaning and also worked in agriculture sector . At last women life in rural is very difficult she is performing duties in home and also in agriculture sector such as wheat cutting, rice, sugar can, and many more production activities. All of these duties performed by women can‘t get her proper right .That’s way our country is listed in under developed.problem is facing to rural women and also some time in urban women and that is property right .women cannot get her property right .

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